Let's talk DIY lights


There’s probably a place similar to heatsinkusa up there for you guys. You might even could order from them for reasonable delivery. Its the duties that might cause you grief though. If one of you do find a place please share it for others. Look for companies that do aluminum extrusions.


Aluminum extrusion??? What is that last word haha.


Extruding in this case is the process of heating up aluminum and pushing it through a die to form a specific shape. It’s like a play doh machine, but for aluminum.


Very cool I googled it we have some but they are massive places meant for commercial operations… Dono if their Intrested in making me a heatsink for my 4x2 tent at a quantity of 1 haha


Lol db explained it well. Some of them have stock of work they did for previous people. Or they might make them regular enough that you could buy a few. It’s just another option to search for.


I know your neighbors have looked unsuccessfully. I’m sure there’s some place that has something. However its likely you would need a few pieces anyway.


Add another to the club. I’ll be ordering the 132 boards in both 3000&4000 for supplemental lighting and veg lighting.


You’ll need a pin sink to run them passively, and could use smaller driver for 4 citi 1212’s especially at 1050ma.


@dbrn32 I’m doing a 2x4 tent. Opinion on hlg using 8 of the 132v2 vs 2 of the 288v2? Both would cover it, correct?


Depends on driver. In most cases would do 4 of the 132 boards in 2x4.


Here’s my four 132s on a 240w 1750a driver in my 2x4 tent that are mounted on angle brackets. I calculate an average of a little over 800 umol per second per sq meter. I’ll find out how it flowers these Maui wowies over the coming weeks, but by the numbers it should do great.


Just four? sweet!! What driver would I want for 8. I have the budget for 8. I can go to 4x4 with that?


I would use two drivers. 8 would be pretty reasonable in 4x4


Hlg list several drivers for 4 qb. What’s the difference? And which would I want? Lol.


Voltage and currents. For 4 qb132, hlg-240h-c1750a.


Still waiting on my guys pricelist for canadian components.

Super happy and super impressed with how my lights turned out, thanks again to @dbrn32 and everyone else that helped along the way. Working on borrowing par meter to be able to show the actual numbers currently sitting 149mm off floor, 254mm or 12 inches from canopy and more veg growth than i can keep up to trimming nightly


Sweet! Nice to be able to borrow.


Local fish club has one for members with planted tanks


Alum heatsink material is hard to find in any length that would work for lighting however you may have better luck out there with oilsands producers needing tons of heatsink material for some of their equipment


I have two of these bestva 1000 bluple lights i pulled one apart and found i have 3 drivers each. Was thinking using these drivers but with better leds so 70 to 110 v at 650ma. Ive read a lot of these threads about lights but unsure on sizing? Any and all input is appreciated