Let's talk DIY lights


For you, we can make anything you want work haha.


Respect :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::fist::v::bear:


He was actually thinking of a light that had a singing gorilla built into it haha!


Got me there. I can probably do singing ballerina though.


Fixture 2 fixed the falling issue with a couple 3 inch u bolts i had laying around

Lifting drivers off board will have to wait a week while i check heat and find a suitable not flammable substance

So the budget for this build
$960 for led strips and drivers
$200 for plates
$140 for wires wagos plugs thermal tape and incidentals
Total cost $1300

What i got

2 big fixtures 520 each 260ish true watts
1 little fixture 260 130ish true watts

All prices are in Canadian dollars


By the way anyone here looking for power cord ideas here’s what I got for this round. The 6 footers are only like $3 the 9 foot are $5


Best use of a meanwell hlg-240h-c1050a?


Buy a bunch of Samsung strips and make a solar flare that would bring down fighter jets


Two qb 304’s, or i believe you can do 10 560 Samsung single row f series, there’s multiple configurations with bridgelux eb gen2


Vs my build

175 lm per watt
19.5v x .7 amp = 13.6w per strip
40 strips x 13.6 = 544
544x175= 95200 lumen thus my build is almost exact replacement for a 600w hps using 54 less watts and significantly less heat


Your light will have higher par levels than any fixtures using that bulb.


The plant that took the worst of the falling light seems to be making the most of the new lighting. Small fixtures built and up in the spare tent vegging her veggies

Also for any Canadian site guys i may have a wholesale parts guy ill know more on monday when he gets back from the falls


I know a few that would benefit, keep us posted.


Everyone here has been amazingly helpful, I am hopeful this guy comes through and can get me better pricing up here. It really would be nice to be able to pass the savings on to others


Hey keep me updated I’m in Alberta and looking to build a light for my 4x2, one that I can finally not worry about light being my issue and I can focus on things like PH and my soil and training my plants


4x2 is a nice size to work with.


I got the 6.5ft tall tent to :wink:

Now the challenge is figuring out what lighting I need to put in there.
Is the aluminum enough or does it need heat sinks on top of it?


That depends on the strips you decide onmy 1/4 inch thick alum plates with 20 eb 2nd gen strips run 90 degrees f at full power and keep plants at about 85 f at just over half way up tent


Really not a hard build, I recommend finding reliable aluminum source first either heat sink strips or plate. It was the hardest part ofy build and i work in a shop full of aluminium plate

Then you need to figure out what your lights footprint will be i decided on 47x20 to cover a 4x4 area with 2 fixture’s spaced 2 inches from both outside edges of my tent with a 4 inch void between lights. A definite improvement noticeable increase in water uptake


Really the aluminum was that hard? I’m in Alberta so I figured ide just go to a industrial area and look at welding shops /fab shops etc…
I would prefer a bit if a heatsink though vs flat aluminum.
4x2 is my tent so idk lol whatever…