Let's talk DIY lights


Ya, you’re gonna run them a little higher to get the coverage in that size space anyway. So full power shouldn’t be an issue. The guys running the hlg-600 kit (similar board current) sometimes throw a clip on fan blowing over sink at full power.


Side 1 board 1 working now to wire and test side 2

Lights in middle of the room at bottom of those stairs


Nice work!


Wowza great work indeed.


Too blind to do much atm had a loose wire and moved it light turned on


Least you found it.


Yes I’m not happy with the wire I have I’ll be ordering new stuff that I will like better and rewire when it comes


Note to other builders the ultra flexible stuff does not work nicely on strips


Get 18awg solid. Do you use amazon?


Yes its ordered here Friday

side 2 functional

Now to hang test

Bit dark with just the one running but with 2 it should be great


Really well balanced probably could have gone with more light strips and a bigger driver but I’m sure it will do for now until I can order another batch of strips for either side


Looks good! You may want to lift drivers off of plate a little.


Centered drivers between lights to try to cut heat signatures interfering but it may come to that


I would do it anyway. The aluminum will soak heat.


Back to the hanger drawing board just dropped on plants


Nice job on the build @Freakish2667! You’re gonna love the new lights :wink::v::bear:


Ace hardware sells 3/16" eye bolts. They come with 1 but, if you get two washers and I believe a 10-32 or 10-24 nut will thread onto them. You can just sandwich plate between two nuts, or drill and tap plate. Double check that nut size though, been a little bit since I bought them.


Strips are the bomb! Love mine.


I was just talking about some aluminum slat wall supports I seen at menards the other day. I think we’ll be lowering the cost on future strip light builds.


What do you think about me throwing a few strips on each side of my QB using the above picture? Or do you like our cob idea better?..