Let's talk DIY lights


Was a cob posted with an 1100ma 51.5 fv rating with max a of 2400ma looked like 1100 was its lowest amp rating based on the post

Post got deleted and I didn’t save the cob link or I’d repost for ya


That would work fine. Probably even better than 1400ma in terms of electrical efficiency.


This is why I’m a rookie and your the master


Ha, I don’t know about that. Leds just behave a little differently than typical household type of load.


so I’ve made it as far as figuring out how the two big lights are going to hang and where the drivers will sit also decided on 5 equally spaced pairs of lights across each side of the board fairly productive considering I can’t build till the tape comes in

Tomorrow will have to pick up some bolts and nuts to mount the drivers so everything can be assembled and tested


Looks good! I think the driver slots are 4mm, but pretty sure the bolts I usually use are 8-32.


Driver slots are 4mm drilled oversize holes to single bolt center hole less chance of it coming loose with less bolts and a bit of lock tight

1225 PM found bolts have ready for pick up on way home from work

Have bolts thermal tapes been delivered otw home to build


Well, just finished the new board, another two 288 v2 boards
It was sure a lot easier to put together the second time around.

Can’t wait until I can do entire grow under them suckers. Their making my whole house glow


Very nice! You’ll love them I promise.


Yep, no more excuses for the crappy outcome. Except light burns. I have four 288 boards in 3X31/2 foot area. This is going to take some practice, lol.


More than enough. You should be able to dim them and get very good results.


Hey gang, do the hlg kits come with all of the hardware (screws etc)?


Mine did when I got the 260W QB V2 scratch and dent kit. Screws and nuts/bolts to mount the board and driver to the heat sink, plus wago connectors, the power cord, and 18awg solid 300V wire for connections.


Thanks Sixpack, where ya find the S&D models hahahaha


They pop up randomly from time to time on the HLG site, it was about $50 less than the normal one.


I’m just itching hahaha @dbrn32 may have to go now and later as we know, screw needs better lights
Any potential benefit of the 320W XW board vs the 260W XW board? Does a 3x3 need more than the 260 can throw out? Thx.

I should add that tech. my tent is 4x4 with about a 3.5x3.5 space when neg pressure applied.


The 320 kit is probably better suited for your space. We’re talking about the one using 3500k v2 324 boards right?

If it’s listed as a 320 kit that should come with everything you need. If its listed as a combo that’s usually boards and sinks. It seems like sometimes they send the combos with screws and a chunk of wire, and sometimes they don’t.


That’s not the one I see on GL site, the one I looked at was 288 brds with a larger driver and adjustable wattage knob.

Let me look at that one, I assume we can’t post the links here?

The kit you referenced is sold out and I only see it in the XL flavor vs the XW (that’s on Growers Lgts)
On HLG they are sold out also but only see them in then rectangular kit (XL)


I see, sorry. It’s just running boards at higher current. That’s newer kit and I’m not sure what sink temps would be on it, but it would be more light in your space.


I’m assuming then, that the plants could take the 260 kit/boards at full wattage. Could these be run at full strength during peak growth (the 320 kit)? Thanks Bud, last question haha