Let's talk DIY lights


Wow I’ve made up my mind im putting the other 400 in my new flower room and have my flower veg room I dont really care if it gets hot in veg…but I got 2 cool tubes I’m going to exhaust t ok the attic amd leave one full wing to the opposite side and run 1200 watts hps I think that will be nice flower rig and with the glass I can get them close and not have to worry about heat stress…well not raise the lights so high atleast


Sounds like a plan.


Sweet! Nothing like expanding the grow room lol…


Hell yea buddy bought 2 400s cuz it was a good deal and nj I got em even cheaper then him


I need to get these girls under more light asap


Lol right. The expansion bug is everywhere here lately. But it’s definitely nice to be able to make it happen and start buying parts.


Oh and tax money ain’t even come yet :slight_smile:


I gotta get thinking about heatsink plates. I’m not sure what thickness to start hunting.

Running 560mm eb second gen strips at 700ma will 1/4 inch alum plate be sufficient?


Depends on size of plate and how many strips. Its usually pretty good though.


I’m thinking 23.5 l x 20w for 10 strips


23.5" x 20" x 1/4" is plenty big enough for 10 strips on hlg-120


Wagos plugs and board wire have arrived

458pm update: digikey has sent email strips and drivers have shipped tracking number included.

Cant decide lol

Getting the itch to build. Found plates 60 bucks each adds 300 to cost but will be overkilled for thermal dissipation

Just got my plates for 200 total light strips should be waiting for me when I get home


Hey @dbrn32 got my second set of two 288 v2. will running all 4 boards in a 3X3 1\2 ft area be too much? 8foot tall ceiling.


Twice as much as you need. Provided you have decent amput of reflection and not a ton of light spill anyways. Two boards on hlg-240 plenty for a 3x3. That’s what @MattyBear runs in one of his flower tents.


Learning to use the new lights is going to be a severe learning curve for me. The plants are drinking more under new lights, the coco dried faster than soil


Guess what’s here

Only waiting on thermal tape which should be here tonight

Thermal tapes not likely to show up tonight but that just allows me time to look at the lights in a few different configurations I’m thinking 5 pairs equally spaced will give best light balance and plates just long enough to mount drivers between lights without overlapping thermal signatures on the plate


They’ll drink and eat more.


Not sure the 1050 would drive that

Based upon my limited understanding I would consider the hlg-240h-c1400a


What are we talking about?