Let's talk DIY lights


Can only get the 4k spectrum in them in the 4 pack off Amazon i really want to stay 3k or 3500
Although price wise it would cut costs


Can you guys get qb 120’s up there?

Using the eb’s I would drop current down to 700ma. And the 560mm length go back to planning on 4 fixtures. 4- hlg-120h-c700a with 10 strips each.


Ok sounds good let me see if I can find drivers


Can’t buy those in canada the same way. The us site has better deals but price doubles when import duties are added it sux but I gotta live with it for now until we get a reasonable president in office and a Canadian prime minister with some gonads to stand up. Products made in the states simply cost too much to import now to make them competitive in the marketplace especially when for 850 I can buy all the above components to build 5 complete lights and be reasonably comparable


Hlgs Canadian offers


What is Trump doing to raise price of electronics sent from US to Canada?


Trump added a duty to canadian Metals products long ago and in response our talking head added a matching duty coming the other way in effect doubles our cost to buy products after we ship the material to the states to be built


Led strips and drivers ordered
Fed ex overnight should be here Monday


Ahh, I see. Those pcb’s come from China and we pay tariff on them. You can order direct if you don’t mind paying shipping.


I’ve already ordered 847 worth of LEDs and drivers tonight if I order more, I will likely become a murder victim overnight


I hear that haha


Wagos and wires and plugs all arriving Sunday up until next Thursday. Building will likely take place on Friday and Saturday


Man I’m so jeaslous


I just got my parts ordered. Light parts will be here Monday probably but I’ll have to wait on heatsink to arrive to start building them. Going to build 3 more like my big ones and one more little one.


240 watt light?with out riggers dimmable and center is fixed 1.05a?


Oh nvm see 3 185s so your gonna do your 3 100 watt strip builds what’s the other thing the dimmer?


No 3 x 200 watt panels and 1x 50 watt light. But thanks for reminding me I need to order dimmers. lol


I got your back 200 watt lights your gonna run at 700 tho huh150s and efficent


Nvm I’m going by eb numbers you went Samsung that’s Chinese to me number wise


No the Samsung’s I will run full blast in flower. Lol going to have almost 1500 watts of lights after these are built. I’ll be adding 6 more plants once these are built.