Let's talk DIY lights


Yes, if you have a part number I can look specifically for it the site isn’t really designed for ease of use. No heatsinks yet, nothing has been picked up yet totally clean build from 0


I cannot exceed 5 feet long though I have a fish tank in that side of the tent atm


I usually get heatsinks from heatsink usa when I need something extruded like that. Let’s see what’s available for strips before we get into heatsinks. You can get them custom to whatever you need.

Here is 1120 single row

3500K: SI-B8U521B20WW

1120 double row

3500K: SI-B8UZ91B20WW


Also make sure you are checking arrow electronics. They have 10% off code expiring today.


Arrow has neither in stock digi Canada has the single in stock 25 for 822 arrow canada has the hlg 120h c1050a 200 for 5 of them


Found double strips at digi canada most I could do of those in budget is 10 strips

Ok so 25 of the SI-B8U521B20WW mounted on alum plate not likely to power them off a single power supply perhaps split into 2 batches of 10 and one of 5?



these mounted on 1/4 inch alum plate?


You’re probably not going to want to do f series on plate. They’re a lot more power per strip than EB that we usually do on the plate, thus need a little more cooling. You’d probably pay out the butt to get stuff from heatsink usa into Canada too. Do you have a place to get heatsink extrusion?


I’m sure I can find some theres a few extrusion places around someone will have something suitable


You’re probably going to end up something similar to mine. I have 8 of those strips on heatsink from heatsinkusa. Running the 185-1050 driver on each one.


Still hunting for a suitable alum extrusion seems the local guy went out of business last year


@DoobieNoobie light is a good example, thanks for posting!

You definitely want to have a fairly decent idea of where you’re stuff is coming from and make sure its available. If you can’t find any heatsinks, we can find someone to work with the eb gen2 strips. They are a little better for plate or bar stock. You just need more of them, they’re cheaper though.


Still hunting local extrusions hard to find now that the local guys gone closest quality guys an hour and a half drive and his stuff is sometimes questionable.
Checked the us supplier would be 800 just for about 20 feet by the time I paid shipping and import duties $%*^ trump


Blah I hope that code works tomorrow. I can’t put cash in the bank until morning and I think I’m gonna build 3 more of my lights. Thanks to selling part of my last harvest.


Check heatsinkusa dot com the .601 size works great.


Keep me posted. If I have some spare time I’ll look around too


Found that 7 hours away not sure if it will work or not sent a request for quote on it likely insane expensive worse than buying from us distributors the frenchmen hate anyone in Ontario looking like I’m gonna have to switch to ebs


Got any part numbers so I can start doing a price list


Web search bridgelux eb gen2. The data sheet is pdf you can copy and paste directly from there.


No 1020mm in stock but can get 50 of these in the right price range

With 50 of those I could probably add 10 of these to the parts list for the build and go with 5 individual boards with 12 strips

If my calculations correct 12 puts me awful close to the limit on a 240 driver perhaps I’d be better to drop to 11