Let's talk DIY lights


Yeah it looks like they’ll have it listed soon hopefully. I’ll try to be patient. Depends on when I have the cash available. But if they’re reasonable I’ll try to grab enough to light a 4x4 space and see what they’ll do.


I can work with that. He wants cobs right? Is it one rectangular heatsink or two small square ones?


Two heatsinks. I don’t believe he cares whether cobs or strips. @Not2SureYet we could ask haha.


I found him over yonder.


I bought mine over 3 months, piece by piece. [quote=“basementstealth, post:5042, topic:13186”]
would like to but I’m hesitant to make any investments now. Money got tight fast


Hey, I just ordered same parts, took time sourcing them.


That’s a helluva light for that price. Nice work!


It sounds like you 2 are saying the cobbs are as good as the strips. Would the cost and coverage be similar?


They can be, it depends on model and operating current of each.


Is there much difference when running the 560 qb. Debating whether it would do better closer to canopy turned down, or farther away Turned up


I’m not sure which one you mean by 560? Dimming though will lower the current and in turn save on your power consumption and your light will run more efficiently. As in more par per watt.



if I ran 6 of these per board what driver would I be looking at and would 2 of them be sufficient to cover a 4x4 flower in your opinion

Tnx @mattybear


For a 4x4 I would do two hlg-240’s worth. That would be 18-20 strips. To run 6 strips specifically, the hlg-120h-c1050a will do 6 in series. Two of those is similar to what we have running in your 3x3 @MattyBear.


So I would need 3 min for the 4x4… think that’s do able. 30 of the strips is just over 500 I had budgeted 1300 for the lights I was going to buy let me see what the drivers are going to cost


they dont have a 120h-c1050a available they have the b available or the 185h posted above will this work or suggestions


Ya. The 560mm strips are a little more difficult to work with in a 4x4. 4 fixtures would be ideal for good coverage. You place one fixture in each corner perpendicular to the fixture next to it.


If you have suggestions as to strips that would work better and can put a package list together I’m open to suggestions


If you have a true 4x4 inside measurement the 1120mm strips are 44" long, covers one end to the other. You’d have to see who has what in stock though


I have 8 feet long 47.75 wide


So it’s a 4x8? Do you already have heatsinks picked out?