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Samsung horticulture strip



What area of flower can be covered by each strip?


I looked at 560mm version which I believe is actually 561mm, has test current listed at 1200ma and ppf of 140 something umols per second. I figure 6 of them per 3x3 at 1050ma would be solid.

If you’re looking at buying some I can crunch the numbers.


Well, I burned some leaf edges already,lol. One area only has 5 foot ceiling and light was too close to plants I moved light to area with 8 foot ceiling and left on 90%. May need to turn it DOWN, a problem I like. So what do I do? Just ordered 2 more boards & heatsinks. Had more time to bargain hunt and ended up costing $155 for both


If I had to guess you just hit them a little too hard too early. Try eating them into the higher intensity and see if they’ll respond a little better. Also beware that its reasonable to expect increased rates of photosynthetic activity, so they will probably be eating a little more too.

Are you going back to original plan of 1 driver per board? I want to make sure we get you correct driver this time.


Will run both together


Ok cool. If you’re going for two 288 boards on same driver, go with hlg-240h-c2100a. Will be much simpler driver for you to operate and understand what is going on. It just shoves current at the boards and let’s them pull what they want for voltage. There’s only 1 screw, turn up for more light and turn down for less light. You will just need to wire boards in series with that one. Easy peasy.


I would like to but I’m hesitant to make any investments now. Money got tight fast


I heard that! I would keep an eye on them in meantime but not get carried away. There’s likely something else new coming out by the month lol.


Nice. I check the details on arrow. I’m surprised lumen/watt is up to 170!!


I didn’t realize last night when I copied link, arrow kicks back result but its different part number. That looks like double row f series 3500k.


I was checking all the LEDs in the category. None of them were the same part number u listed. I just geeked out because im excited about the tech improvements. When I started watching LEDs some of them were above 100lumens/watt. But I think I found the right item, they are about 25$ a strip. So its +8000 lumens for 25$, not bad


I was excited since I plan to add more lights in a few weeks but that went away when I saw the 5150k color spectrum.


I hear a lot of that. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say they’ll probably grow as good as anything else we use as far as cct goes. I’d feel a lot more comfortable saying it after I seen them though lol.

I’m already a believer that light spectrum isn’t near as important as intensity. Just little data to say that as matter of fact. I think it’s coming though.


You’re probably correct on that. I couldn’t get it to pull up on arrow when I searched. Did they have a price yet? I might grab a couple of them if they’re reasonable and build a light for a plant or two and see what happens.


No I think I may have been in a buzzed moment. When I try searching part number it pulls up 3500k double row f strip. I’m betting I didn’t look close enough last night, sorry.

If you were concerned about the color temp, plc strip is nearly identical without that huge boost in blue.


Lumens are general lighting talk, and we’re all guilty of using because its easily referenced measure. In the case of the Samsung horti strip, pay extra special attention to the photon efficacy. 2.75 umol/joule at about 50 watts is better than a lot of other strips will do that measure higher luminous efficacy. And of course we value the photon count higher than luminous flux.

It’s just because this particular strip has a lot more energy further from the photometric curve luminous flux is measured with.


SL-B8R5C9H2WW is the number from the data sheet so you have the right number.


Yup. But its not the arrow returned when I prematurely got a stiffy lol.


Here’s the pics from Brian’s Viparspectra 300. The fan appears to be wired to the driver.

660 to 690 mA