Let's talk DIY lights


Each of those boards have 3 different channels of leds. In essence each driver goes to all 3 of the boards but control a specific channel of leds within each board. So he can run each channel independently from the other two. It’s a significantly more complex build than just turning some leds on, but will provide both intensity and spectral control.


Are you talking about this one? The SP-150?

It seems like a nice light. I definitely like the look of it over their blurple stuff. I’m just getting started on the grow that will be done under it for a test so we will all get to see how it compares over the next couple months.


photometer control for supplementing sunlight

You don’t really need a fancy photometer. You just need a Mean Well constant current driver for your lights with an external dimming control. Then instead of using a potentiometer to control it, you use a transistor. A photodiode (or even an LED) drives the transistor base. Then when the sun is coming in, the transistor will keep the lights dimmed. When no sunlight is coming in, it will turn the lights on all the way. It would be fairly linear so at overcast sun it would turn on the lights a little.

But a driver that can dim down to 10% or less would be good. I think the Mean Well web page has that information. Any electronics hobby person could help you find the right transistor and figure out the circuit. I would do it but I would need the driver to experiment and I DIY my own driver circuits.


He y @dbrn32. The first driver came in for my two 288 v2 boards. What else do I need? heat sinks, which should iget ?I


Slate 2 from hlg if you can. You said you wanted one board per heatsink and then to set custom spacing on them right? That would be slate 2 single, you would need one per board.

Do you plan on eventually doing more builds? I’m just asking because there may be some savings in getting little larger spool of wires and bigger pack of connectors. Or do you want bare bones to get you by on this one for now? I can get you links.


Probably be awhile before I build more than the 2. Links would be cool. Heatsink and connectors for two separate boards and then I just need one more driver


You’re doing one board per driver or two? I dont remember which driver I told you to get sorry


I can’t link heatsink, but here it is. Email hlg tell them you need two slate 2 single heatsinks. Since you purchased boards from them they should give you a break.


1 driver per board. Driver is 240h 54v


We made a mistake there. I’m gonna have to go back up and look to try and find what happened.


I had to scroll back to early December, about 300 posts ago. You needed hlg-120 to run boards individually.

I thought something was a little funky there. If you had said you wanted 2 boards on 1 driver I would’ve specd hlg-240h-c2100a. But since you specifically said 1 board per driver, that would be hlg-120h-54a. Can you exchange driver?


No, cannot return it. Will my driver work for two boards


Yes, although it’s not the driver I would’ve told you to get if we had planned that way. The exact model number is hlg-240h-54a?



I don’t care if it’s perfect and I just want to light my boards up


I hear you. Do you have a multimeter?


No multimeter. I am mad at myself, I ordered the Heatsink earlier today. No use for it anymore.


You can still use heatsink


Just visualize a little differently. Instead of having drivers with each board, do a remote driver mount and then run a set of wires to each board. Something like that will work right?

Another option would be to try flipping driver on Ebay or something.


@dbrn32 I have a question. So I ordered a hlg 260. My original and now veg area was 18” x 30”x72 and when I was flowering when I received the light but was battling high rh during lights out. Long story short with everyone growing such dense buds with the qb’s I was to intimidated to hang in cab. Fast forward I know have 2x4x72 along with the 6” ac infinity with controllers for flowering to use with the light. I’ve mailed Kurt and can purchase the xl heatsink for $100. But would I be better of using the drivers in pic above (which I was able to secure 5) and build a few small supplemental lights the I can adjust independently of the main light?


Do you like the boards? Each driver will run a 132 board at about 35 watts. You dont need a heatsink for them so would be pretty cheap. Biggest issue is that I’ve only seen them available in 4 pack.