Let's talk DIY lights


Lmao! I feel bad tagging you in post before


Yeah, I got away from here before hunting season and haven’t made it back much. I’m thinking I might do my journal in both forums though.


I think a lot of members here would appreciate that. Your grows and posts are always fun.


I know I would :wink::v:


I’m down for following. When I was on my first grow (I think) I watched your Super Silver Haze in hydro, and it really inspired me. I’m sure others would too. @Bogleg


Sign me up too haha!


@appleyardjr267 this thread.


oh lol well he got tagged in the wrong one but either way will see this and the other haha


@appleyardjr267 to give him a head start, what size grow space are you trying to light?


2×4. want to make something with a good footprint


Quantum board by HLG would be your most budget friendly light @appleyardjr267 check for that from Growers lights dot com. Look for the quantum board.


Jeez I have been busy. Nice setup ots. Don’t think I would want that bill though.



I don’t think it will be that bad for what I will be getting…


Doing a quantum board kit is easy money. For a 2x4 the xl 260 kit is a good choice.


nice thanks. good for veg and flower?


Yes it’s great for both. @appleyardjr267


Yup. Get 3000k or 3500k.


do the 3000k still keep it bushy and short or cause stretch?


Havent seen a stretchy qb grow yet and I’ve seen 5k to 3k… want stretch? Flip to flower :wink: 3500 I feel has the most blue and red mix


no i dont want stretch lol i miggt get one of those