Let's talk DIY lights


I don’t target watts per foot because that doesn’t take into account for efficiency of them. But for flowering light usually works out to be around 30 give or take.


Also if I build with 4 1120s say can I add 560s at a later time if I stay within the voltage or do I have to stick with 1120s


And of course you would be wanting more in flower then veg or need would be a better word


Based on 1050ma you could add one 560mm strip, not really sure if that would gain you enough to make it worth while. If you go 700ma and 4 1120mm strips you could add 560mm strips later if you wanted. Is there a Significant difference in price somewhere I’m not aware of? Usually a 1120mm is about the same cost as two 560mm strips.

And yes you typically raise intensity in flower to keep dli up on reduced lighting schedule.


Props to you brother @dbrn32 you have far more patience then I do lol


Good to hear from you, how’s that California weather?


North of Cali and it’s cold and rainy lol


I’m on the Central Coast; sunny, windy and chilly.


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Southern California: A little chilly, but warm enough for just a t-shirt in the sun.


My dog chasing the sun across the dining room. When it’s gone she finds me as if to ask me to bring it back. It’s pretty cute.


Awe, my dog does the same thing.


Here is a Great lighting system @dbrn32 helped make possible.

Thank you Sir.


Out of likes @crazyots , but I’m so glad you have lights to post!


Getting air system installed this week.
Should be ready 1st part of the year to go… Thank you!


They look great my friend @crazyots!!! Can’t wait to see them in action soon :wink::v:


You could get a tan in there haha!


That’s pretty impressive @crazyots


That’s top notch right there! Happy I could help, and thanks for posting pics! Can’t wait to see what you do in there.


Can you tell the lab forum is down? Heh… I have like 1200 posts to read in this thread! :o