Let's talk DIY lights


There’s my jump to the end of the thread. Catching up is exhausting after 8 days.



Haha you short change the most important of them all. I don’t think you missed anything important. Be good brother!


Later my friend. I’m going to start an Amazon lights thread so people can ask about them there.



Ugggh, you better be ready to answer haha. My plate is about to be full.


They can do the posting and help each other answer questions. Leaving us out of it.



If there was an award for best post ever, and I was in a position to award it, it would be all yours haha.


I’m honored. Coming from the master of lighting here. I just was born with or taught some common sense.



Jeez…this Chronic Widow is some mind blowing weed.
Ain’t smoked in 8days



You’re giving me way to much credit. I’ve simply been there and done that. And have a little bit of an electrical background. You guys are all the ones that make it happen, so rock on with it.


Just thought i would run the wiring diagram past you.


Looks about right.


Great thanks you have been very helpful, my parts are in transit :truck:


Sweet! Keep us posted


Will do …from unpacking to hanging the light, full photos.


Much appreciated.


It’s coming together finally

I’ll have it put together by tonight



i love it @skgrower


Happy Anniversary @BIGE


thank you sir! two yrs strong!


Very nice!