Let's talk DIY lights


A new single board kit on there site, dont know if you have seen it as the site is changing everyday.


He has a lot of pics up on riu. Seen them there, but thanks for posting for the others.


Dbrn32 have you looked at hlg red and blue supplement lights? Any opinions?


I’ve looked at them, they’re usually not in stock. Would be fair if you need them and can get them.


That’s why I was asking there back In stock. It’s my understanding the blues add more flavonoid development. The reds more Emerson and I’d asssume can be an eod light. Also hlg is getting the qb132v2 out this week or next. There getting a machine here to build boards soon also!!!


Blue is blue, if you want a heavy blue spectrum there’s not really any reason to buy blue diodes if you’re building. The reds are a thing because their flagship models are 80cri and don’t produce a lot of anything beyond about 620-630nm. Emerson effect isn’t really much of a thing under good intensity. But 660nm is a very beneficial wavelength for flowering plants


RapidLED has some far red pucks and 660 nm LEDs, if you want to build your own Emerson Effect light.


Hey @dbrn32 ordered first driver for one of my 288 v2 boards. :hotsprings::evergreen_tree:


Sweet! Did we go over other stuff to get them running?


Not yet. Will probably buy the second driver next


Ok. Just lemme know when you get close and I’ll grab some links for you.


How much , about, will a2 sets cost. May get those first


You mean for the rest of the stuff? You have heatsinks to use right?


Smart thing may be to just get the right Heatsink the first time. lol, damn it kills me to say it out loud. Spend right, first time


Well as far as heatsink goes they don’t require a lot. But you also know the factory units are tried and true. Also a big plus they are already drilled and tapped, installation takes less than 5 minutes.

I’m pretty sure if you email hlg with a reference number to your board order they will cut you a break on heatsink prices too.


Having not to make a frame, just using the heatsink would be much simpler


Just made one on Sunday with 2x288’s


Didn’t happen without picts. LOL



OK OK It happened! LOL

Oh ya… very nice!