Let's talk DIY lights


8 qb’s would be decent setup at 2100ma


Is it better to have more than one power cord? he is happy to do either way for us.


One cord is probably easier to keep neat and tidy. 3 cords could all be smaller though, and if you ever had a problem easier to pull one and keep rest of light running. Mostly personal preference.


Mark is happy to wire the boards either way, just up to our personal preference, so you would still wire in series with constant current?, if i want the constant current he would have to order in whatever he needs just taking an extra few days, i dont have a preference as i dont know enough about it.
Just want the light to last and be efficient with the fewest complications, i am really running blind and totally relying on advice.
Give me a root run on a gas line anyday :+1:


Like I posted earlier, the light will work either way. But I would not personally wire multiple leds in parallel with that kind of potential and leave it unattended. Lots of other people do, so that’s up to you.

The amount of power cords is trivial as long as they are rated for load. So whichever way you would prefer it.


One thing you might need to know about power cords: You very likely want to use a grounded three-wire power cord, but all the reasonably-priced timers use a two-wire connection. You can use a three-wire to two pin plug adapter, but you should wire the ground wire to the wall plug ground terminal. Just wire directly from the adapter ground wire to a three-wire plug’s ground terminal. That ground wire normally carries no current so a little electrical tape over your splice is fine. It just makes your GFI outlet or breaker work to keep you safe in case something shorts out.


If you are saying it is safer to wire in series ( for any fire hazard) that is the way i will go, i keep trying to channel my dad lol,


I am in Australia 230v and nearly all have three wire one being earth, thanks for the info and concern.



Then all your cheap timers will probably be three-wire. That ground wiring hack is for the US where we have a lot of old two wire stuff still.

It’s amazing the ancient wiring crap you can still find in old houses in the US. Some of it was pre-Romex so cotton-covered wires go through holes in the attic rafters with ceramic tube insulators! Pretty scary. I just recently looked inside the metal box my buried electrical comes into the house: Three big brass clamps on the incoming wires, and they used to have liquid rubber insulation on them. But it all got brittle and fell off, so three big brass clamps BARE carrying 100 amps!


Yeh @dbrn32 just looking at a timer 3 pin it states voltage 240volt ac ~50hz max load 10(2)A 2400w
what ever all that means


That means 10 amps is max current rating for timer. You should be like 4-5 amps


To be clear now 8 would be decent at 2100ma for a 4x8 or the example of a 4x4


Great and as i said before i will take your advice and get them wired in series they just have to get a diff driver which is a HLG-320H-c1400b which has a cc range of 114-229 volts instead of the HLG-240H-c1400b does that make sense?

thanks again


4x4. There isn’t anything out there that will blow up a 4x8 for 500 watts. Maybe to veg would be good.


It makes sense if you’re using 1400ma. That’s like 150 watts per board total. Mark says they will run cool enough there?


He is going to ring me in the next hour so will pass all this onto him and just some diff info he gave me,

he said we can use the elg-75-c1400b (range of 27-54volts) by running two lots of two boards in series, then running those in parallel together. this will give us 48volts @ 700ma per two boards on the red channel.

is this config ok for the reds as he states its running in series then in parallel, my head is starting to hurt.


16 for the 4x8 then? That’s $400. Not bad


Just something to look at @1BigFella



Ya that works. It doesn’t necessarily avoid the parallel wiring though as you stated.


this is just some photos they sent me before all the info was supplied to me, mine will be a diff setup for the series wiring, my wife is on the phone to them as we speak.

cheers mate