Let's talk DIY lights


LOL Sounds like me. Are you just growing for yourself. Personal smoke/oil?


i’m with you @MAXHeadRoom i learn everyday,or try to…lol even from you,i think your fogponics idea is awesome!!
i need to learn how how to get more yeild out of less plants…with better lighting,more training[lst],using the least amount of nutrients…lol
my next rotation consist of monster cropped clones and gifted seeds…


Did you find the guy who sold Jack and the beanstalk his seeds.


Most of it ends up in the hands of friends/family, but there’s always some that hangs around. My position has changed quite a bit over the years and I’m not as free to enjoy the fruits as I once was.


i wish…lol maybe gorila glue.


I SHOULD have spent a few days reading here before I bought all these strains. It was late in the season and I wanted to get something in pots outside. I should have just bought one, say a Northern Lights clone and grown it into a mother plant to take clones. I thought growing outside here was a once a year thing. I know a lot more now.

I have an indoor area where I can control light and actually keep a mother for years. I didn’t know that was possible because all my experience with growing is 40+ years old. I also know now that people plant outside all year long in Southern California because of the mild climate and short photoperiod September to March.


On the other hand, you have several strains to search through for good pheno’s. The purpose of cloning isn’t necessarily to save on seeds, although that’s part of it. People usually clone to repeat genetics, and if you’re going to repeat genetics, you want them to be the best genetics.

When I had more room, I would always pop a few seeds with my clones to see if I could get a better pheno. Every once in a while you find that heavy producer that has all the characteristics you want. That’s your mother.


Starting slowly
This is where I am so far
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Soil looks real wet,should only be misting at this point. Very easy to kill them early on
@Moma do you have your own topic? This is a lighting thread ,you would benefit from starting a journal so all your questions are there and get the help you need


Hey thanks
This is the lighting so far
Will start the journal


Is than an aero garden hood split between the aero garden and the additional pot?


The aerogarden hood is still directly over the water tank.
The plant is along side, hopefully catching some of that light.
Any thoughts?


I’m thinking it’s going to need it’s own light. The ag light isn’t very strong to begin with, and isn’t going to throw light very far while being that low.


So…I could dump the water and put the plant directly under the lights…?
Would that be better?


It’s also close to lots of daylight from a nearby window


Depending on where you live, the sunlight cycle needs to be long enough to keep it in veg state, and it would be better off out in the sun if you’re going that route.

If you want to use the aero garden, that would be fine too. I suggest you research aero garden growing before you make that decision. It usually requires a few modifications and some additional light to take a plant all the way to harvest in an aero garden. Can be lots of fun though.


The last of my parts finally showed up, yay!

I underestimated the amount of room the heatsinks will require, so I’m gonna have to come up with a slightly different layout. I was planning for the size of the qb, not the size of heatsink which is about an inch and half wider than board. I also thought I had 120mm heatsinks for the cxb’s and they’re 140mm. The way it sits, will be about 19" wide, was planning on 16". Anyone have suggestions or see something I don’t? @ktreez420 @Myfriendis410 @MAXHeadRoom @mcpd_refugee @HappyCamper @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Carnako @1BigFella


Looking good so far! Let’s see some stuff get put together. @dbrn32


Thanks! Hoping to have some free time to get started this weekend. Suppose to work, and I need some aluminum, but we’ll see how things go.


I balked when I saw the price tag on those heatsinks. I refuse to pay more for heatsinks than COBs! So I decided to try a DIY approach: 3" by 2" by 0.25" copper under the COBs and then a 6" long aluminum rectangular heatsink constructed from 2" wide by 0.125" fins with 0.5" x 0.25" spacers between them. It would be too small but I will have them covered with exhaust air flowing over them. Did a LOT of research on heatsink sizes and I came up with this. But I plan to build one and then experiment to see what it does to the temperature with a resistor load. If I have to add more fins, that will be very easy.

I got some heat transfer silicon grease to put between the COB and the copper and the copper to aluminum junction as well. We’ll see how it does.

I planned to put them in pairs on a long box so I can hook up flexible duct to get air flowing through them. Each pair would separate the cobs by about 2 feet. I think this will fit my new grow area well. It’s 5 feet by 3.75 feet. (Yes, it’s a bathtub we never use. Nice to have built-in drainage.)