Let's talk DIY lights


Yes, I see the table in the datasheet. If I cut the current down to about 1 amp, I get about 200 lumens/watt. My HPS is 133 lumens/watt, so that would help out on the electric bill. When I get the solar panels hooked up, I can always increase the current if I want more light (but at lower efficiency). Of course, higher efficiency means easier to cool too.


That can be a little misleading too. The 200 lm/watt is at 25c right? Unlikely you’ll be able to keep them that cool, but you’ll be closer to that number than in the 140’s. And you’ll always be more efficient at lower current, and much easier to cool, absolutely!

Anyway, just try and find a good balance there of getting the amount of light you need, decent efficiency, and reasonable build cost.


Just received email that quantam boards are back in stick at hlg. Looks like they are going fast too!

If any of you guys were/are interested… @MAXHeadRoom @Myfriendis410 @mcpd_refugee @Ray4x @Rugar89 @Covertgrower @1BigFella @Nug-bug @ktreez420 @BIGE

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I got Mine the last round and made 2 lights like this

2 Quantum boards on the outside and a china red and blue light in the middle. The red from the china light helps with trichome development during flower and the blue helps during veg. I call it “The best of both worlds light” 350 true watts
Driver is HLG 240H-C1050B


I grabbed a few 288’s and heatsinks. Don’t really need them, but what the hell right…

There will be some new boards from chilled soon, kind of holding back to see what they are working on.


Thats where Grow Mau5 went to work so they should be good.


You know they will geek out with it anyway. My concern would be way more with being overly technical than being good. You know they won’t release anything sub par, and people will line up to buy them regardless.


Wondering if they are still going to offer the quantum boards in 3500k? Its not on the list now.


Good question! I would imagine you can email them and ask. They were really good at responding last I knew.

Have a particular build in mind?


Was thinking of just going with the four 304 boards like @MAXHeadRoom built instead of the 6 board build until I get my electrical figured out. Use a 4x4 tent for now with 4 boards, and then get a 5x5 tent later and add two more boards to it. Tired of being cramped up in a 3x3 tent.


Probably work out to be a pretty good idea.

If you were really set on a 5x5, you could get it and just be a little light at the edges. You could always come back later and put a row of cobs on each side of the boards and be golden. I would hate to see you settle on something you don’t want.


i got it too @dbrn32,thanks!
i’m getting one for my 2by2 box


I have a 2x2, was thinking one would go good in at as well. Then I realized there’s a stack of heatsinks for 3590’s sitting in the garage too lol.

I’m thinking 4 3000k 90 cri cxb’s and a 4000k 288 board. I’ll push them soft and go for an efficiency build. Should blow up a 2x2.


i’ve grown close to my little cab…lol it took some learning but i’m getting the hang of it…
yes,yes,on that idea…even just two boards would do it…lol


I have no issue at all with the boards. But the 90 cri stuff is providing way more of the deeper red wavelengths.

I think the 288’s are running around 2.75 ųmol/joule at 1400ma. It’s really hard to pass up that kind of efficacy at around 75 watts. I’ll probably get a 1750ma driver and dim to around 1400, but have a few extra watts if need be. Then run the cobs around 700-1050ma in flower.

I don’t think the cobs will have that kind of efficacy, but should still be well over 2 ųmols/joule and I think around 65% efficient at 700ma. Price I’d be willing to pay. Probably $400-500 all said and done.


I wish I lived close to you and could tinker around with you @dbrn32! I haven’t stopped with my obsession of DIY lights since we first started talking about it lol! I’m thinking Christmas time I’ll be able to buy all the pieces.



yea that is the stuff there…lol my tall box could really use this…i use it for flowering


i ditto that @ktreez420…lol


At the rate things are going, there will be a new “latest and greatest” by then. So don’t look at it as bag thing. Just stashing cash to get on the next big thing.