Let's talk DIY lights


That’s a constant voltage driver and output voltage of 30v won’t run much, so I would say no. You really need to have a specific led in mind to select driver.


Thanks again. Just scouting around trying not to buy a 550 HLG :heart_eyes:


So if I buy 8 cobs Cree or whoever from rapid $20-30 each and modify my viparspectras , how much does that save me over buying new lights cob or qb?


You’re probably not going to get a cxb3590 for anywhere near $20, not top bin anyway. More like mid $30’s and then you’ll need holders too.

The good news is that there’s other cobs in the $20 range that perform just as good. If you’re serious about modding your vipars, pop the covers and get some pics of the driver labels. Also take a peek to see if fans are wired in series with the leds so we can account for voltage. Once we have that info I’ll take a look at what will fit, then I can probably give you rough estimate.

I’d say it will save you quite a bit though.


Hlg-600 kit dimmed to around 85% is essentially hlg-550 for a few hundred bucks cheaper.


It’ll be a few months. But I’m convinced this is the next step.
Also does anyone have knowledge on a light mover rail or for use with led?


Sure, what do you want to know? If you’re trying to replace intensity levels with a mover it rarely works out. You can cheat a little, but getting too big of sweep will usually just cause the whole grow to be larfy.


@Buzzlightyear I thought you had some pics for us to drool over?


If the 2 lights were on a rail moving back and forth on the 6ft span wouldn’t I be able to lower the lights a little increasing intensity? Like instead of 18” down to 14”. And how much benefit would it bring.


It makes sense to me that since the foot print of the light isn’t much bigger than the light that moving back and forth would increase the footprint(within reason) and allowing for lowering of lights I only thought of because that’s the push for hid lights on a rail that you can lower it


Yes. But you’re not going to take a light that’s way undersized for space and make anything magical happen either. It depends on which actual lights you’re talking about?


Vipraspectra 600 reflector series X 2 with 6ft rail( I’d assume smaller since it’s a 6ft span. I also have 3 100w(23w from the Wall) led bulbs from amazon- do they work or is it a waste of electricity?. Grow space 6ftx 3ish.


Based on the footprint, using something like the Viparspectra lights, you will need 800 to 900 plug watts to be in the sweet zone for cannabis. Higher end lights will be quite a bit less than that.


Still be a little weak with mover in my opinion. They give you a par map for the light, look at the par readings for edges and corners of a 2x2 space.


They couldn’t hurt, but they don’t put out much light for the watts they consume.



It also says 2.5sqft


Those are spot measurements dead center of light, relatively useless unless the entire top of your grow is going to be covered in lights.


I’m convinced I need to mod these lights. I’ll be posting pic of it one opened up later today or tomorrow.


@dunnitagain what kind of space are you looking to build lights for? And do you have anything specific in mind already?