Let's talk DIY lights


I even opened it up and looked at the guts. No loose wires or anything like that


Do you have it plugged in a timer or straight to wall?
A while back a member had a light doing that and it turned out that it was the timer,.
Come to think about it there was 2 people


Strait to the wall brother


K well that was my great idea let’s see have
What o th erst say🙃


Maybe my house outlet is wired wrong? Its turns on fine tho


Huh something is wrong, does it eventually go off or just like in pic


Nah bro it stays on until i unplug it from the wall. This has my mind baffled


As soon as i plug it into the wall, it lights up like in the pic


Maybe @dbrn32 will know


Lol. I hope so. HELP!!!


That’s some out of the box thinking, I like it! I’m guessing some slight voltage leaking from the battery that holds timer program?


@Banksmoney6485 just so I understand, your light has a single red diode that is illuminated as soon as you plug it into the wall, even with the power switch off?


My first guess would be that your receptacle has hot and neutral out of phase. You already checked it? Black should go to gold screw and white to silver if you’re I’m us.

Is the plug on the light polarized? One large blade and one smaller?


Its not plugged into a timer. Just the wall brother, an i gotta open it up quick again an look. I think its a green wire for ground connected to screw an no not polarized. It has letters on the plug, 10a 250v and then it has N E L. Im gonna take pics now to brother


If you’re receptacle is good, and you don’t have the light plug upside-down, my next guess would be that the light circuit is switched on the neutral wire instead of the hot.

There’s more than likely a capacitor within the circuit (probably within the driver) that’s getting voltage. Could happen a handful of different ways, but I just covered the most obvious.

It’s kind of difficult to troubleshoot via some messages, but I’ll try to help.


If the plug isn’t polarized, turn the plug over so you change which prongs go into the receptacle ports. And let me know what happens.

I wasn’t suggesting the timer, just admitting it’s probably the last place I’d look.


Thank you so much brother, il let you know what happens. Your smart as hell so this should hopefully work. Thank you again. Il will be back! Lol


Ha, I wouldn’t go that far. It’s just in line with what I do on a daily basis. I’d need all kinds of help with an hvac or nutrient issue. That’s why we’re all here.


Yeah I thought it was wild when we need confirmed it was the timers.


Being completely honest, I probably would’ve spent some big cash before even thinking about a timer. Once you said it, I thought to myself “these are my kinda people”. My first thought was phasing issue, and as I was typing, possibly a switched neutral. Having multimeter, amp clamp, and almost 20 years experience in industrial maintenance setting, I have a tendency to start poking around based on my gut. It’s a little more difficult when you’re trying to walk someone you don’t know through it. I’d have that puppy ripped apart and be on a mission. Even if it ended up in tha garbage, I’d feel sense of victory if I figured it out. Not the best option for everyone. Trying to return the light for a refund may be in banksmoney’s best interest. But I’d at least like to help with the obvious stuff, and see where that gets him.