Let's talk DIY lights


I have a3x3 tent with 3-300w Mars. Used 1-seedling 2- veg, and now put the 3rd in 10 days ago when I flipped to 12-12

Here she is @Banksmoney6485


Wow brother. Nice nice @Nug-bug . Cant wait for the end product. Heres a lil update pic of mine. I think that led helped a little. Lol


@Banksmoney6485… Yeah the mars hydro is approx 130 watts…for the mars 300… It’s like 79 dollars each… You can do 3 but that would be over $200… The Meizhis are $69 each… Similar wattage I believe… A lot of folks have said good things about the Meizhis


@ktreez420 price from rapid seems about right for rail and cobs, I see you found an option for the rail?

$246 seems a little high from Jerry though. $75 for heatsinks and $80 for a driver, plus some odds and ends… was the shipping high?


Great find too btw!

The best part about these is that pcb’s all aim their intensity in the same direction. As compared to a cfl, where you either have to reflect or lose more than half the light. I think you’ll be surprised at how much difference this makes.

I’ve heard that people just score/cut those pesky ones off with a utility knife or such. I would start a little bit away from the base until you can get a look and make sure there aren’t any protruding electronics.


@Banksmoney6485 I knew a couple of these guys would come through for you. All pretty good recommendations to get the most out of your budget.

Something I didn’t really consider was implementing a different style of light, like @ktreez420 is doing with the household led bulbs. Not saying that is best option, but it’s an option. There are some pretty good options in cfl grow lights complete, or you can find some pretty good deals on t5 replacement led tubes at a few big box stores. All viable options especially since you already have your base lighting covered.


Yes def, i greatly appreciate everyones help an input. Def gave me a couple ideas for side light. again thank you. Happy growing :v:


did somebody say magic smoke? lolol
i’m going to tag you in my grow journal @dbrn32,i’m still trying to work out what i want…lol so much info i may have to get you to help me weed out all the bs i do not need …lol


I’ll try to help in any way I can.

You’re familiar with the magic smoke huh? Lol!


I went out to Home Depot and grabbed some socket-to-outlet adapters. Went to Walmart for extension cords, zip ties, and found 1 more LED bulb for only $3.50 (11w 1050 lumen 5000k)!! Went home and removed the cover of the LED, and I also got the covers off the other LED’s that I couldn’t get last night (I just jammed my screw driver in and wiggled away lol)! @dbrn32

Here are pictures for everyone!



Now there are 310 true watts of LED in my veg tent lol! Only cost a total of $35! Got really lucky to find those bulbs so cheap, it should really aid in light coverage I thought. What do you guys think? And @dbrn32 you’re right, $70 for heatsinks, $80 for a driver and $80 for shipping!!



I like it a lot, especially for the $ you have invested. You’ll have to keep us posted on how it works. I’ve messed around with them on some real small grows, but never using them like this. I’d be willing to bet you could get them nice and close if need be, just be careful not to shadow your more powerful lights.

Not sure if you noticed, but rapid has 10% off your first order. I’m wondering if you couldn’t source your entire order from them cheaper? That $80 in shipping could be a game changer. I think they will price match components to other advertised Internet prices. Probably save you a couple bucks on the driver, if they’ll price match trc or something and still give you the 10% off. Just a thought anyway, if you wanna try to save some cash.


I will definitely keep you updated with the new LED’s. I was thinking about removing the plastic cover from the Roleadro’s next lol, but I’m still debating it. I also want to get them as close as possible too, so I’m glad you think I can too!

I was thinking the same exact thing @dbrn32 when it comes to maybe just purchasing all from Rapid. My only concern is that I won’t get the big 180mm heat sinks! That and everything is more expensive lol, but the $80 shipping from Jerry is just too much! Do you really think they would price match me though? Or are you saying just on the driver they may?



Also. Do you plan on using the room as its typically set up? A few plants in the middle with some room around the edges, or do you plan on filling the whole tent with plants?


I’d like to fill the tent completely @dbrn32, I just don’t have my girls going in veg right now, but yea lol!

Question, for those wago thermal blocks, how many will I need? And what style, 221-412 or the 221-413? And what does that even mean lol? Do I need thermal pads, and what are they? Will I need to buy extra wiring?



I don’t think they will price match jerry, but you can try I suppose. I know that when I bought a driver from them trc electronics had it for $7 cheaper and they matched it.

As far as the heatsinks go, see if you can get any thermal data from rapid. I’m not 100% sure, but I think their 140mm heatsink may be taller which will give it more cooling capabilities. They are pretty much rated by how much area they provide to disperse heat. Less diameter with more height could level out. Being as they sell the kits, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could tell you exactly what temp the 29 will run on their sink at 2100ma. Just an option if you want. I’m not even sure how much you would save. But after 10% and not paying $80 for international shipping, could be considerably less


You absolutely need some sort of thermal compound between the cob and heatsink. The pads are cheap, easy, and clean. You could use thermal paste instead, but it’s neither easy or clean. Either work, they ensure good thermal contact between the cob and sink.

The wago 412 should have taps for 2 wires, the 413 3 wires. If you didn’t catch on, the 415 has taps for 5 wires. The first 3 numbers are the type of wago is 221, they are fine. You will want 2 of the 412 for connecting driver to cord for receptacle (1 for hot, and another for neutral. Then 2 more of the 412 for connecting the driver output to the led’s (1 for DC positive, and another for DC negative. That’s a total of 4 of the 412. However if and when you go to build your 2nd light, you could swap 2 of them for the 413. That would allow you to run both drivers from 1 plug. Or not, if 2 plugs is better for you. Due to relatively low cost, this is one thing I would suggest to buy extra of. They are handy to have around the garage even if you don’t tinker much. They have a few assortments available on amazon if you shop there, they’re also available at menards and I believe home depot if you have access to either.


I forgot about the wire lol, sorry!

For the DC side (driver output) I like to use 18awg type mtw. It’s rated for 600v 90 degrees c. Unless you plan on having your driver a long distance away, a 25’ spool should do. If you’re pretty sure you’re going to build another, it will get cheaper per foot in bulk. So 50’ or 100’ may be a better idea. There are a ton of different types of wire that will work. You just need to keep in mind that you’ll be running 150v at 2.1 amps dc, so make sure wire is rated for it. The 12v wire will not safely work!

On the Ac side (driver to wall socket) the driver will pull about 3.5 amps at 120v. For this I would probably use a 16 or 18 awg type so cord ( the cable you would use to make your own extension cord). Then you would need to buy a plug to wire in. The cheapest and easier way, find a sale on extension cords and hack the female end off. I can usually find a 10’ 16 awg cord for $5 or so if I’m looking. Or use one that is in good condition you have laying around. Whatever works best for you. It’s just usually more expensive to build a cord.


Ok so I’ll buy some wiring too, but when you say “18awg type mtw” and “18awg type so”, what does that mean lol? I’m a complete noobie to anything electrical! But I love to learn and I ask tons of questions so I can really understand it, so I really appreciate you having the patience to go over all of this info with me @dbrn32!

I can get everything through rapid other than wiring, for $259! What a difference from $395 to $259!!! Plus whatever wiring will cost. But 4 vero29 SE COB’s, 4 135mm heat sinks, 4 thermal pads, 4 wago blocks, and 1 driver with free shipping and 10% off got me an amazing deal here! How many watts did we configure this would be in the end @dbrn32? Lol I get so ahead of myself!



I was kind of thinking we could find some savings over what you had originally expected. Does that include the rail too?

Should be right around 310 watts from the wall.

I have a few things to do around the house, I’ll try to get back with a little more detail on the wiring later. If not, tomorrow for sure.


That doesn’t include the rail, I figured I could make my own. The rail was only 25, but then once you added brackets to it the price went up and up!

310w sounds AWESOME! This is going to be a blast! Thank you for all your help @dbrn32 and have a good night brother!