Lets talk about PH Meters


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My leaves are turning yellow and don’t know what to do
Nutrient burn, help

Haha calibrate calibrate calibrate!!!


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I know others have been having problems with these cheap yellow PH meters, as I have. Every day it seems to change by a few points. I have been using the 7.0 test solution to calibrate (the liquid bottle, not the powder). On my bottle it says that it can be used as a storage selusion as well. So two days ago after re calibrating the meter to 7.0 I left the meter in the solution. I just checked the meter and its now reading 6.5 in the solution.
This is getting old real fast. Thinking about getting a decent meter that has leads on it. Advantages to separate leads over a expensive pen type?


Tired of it!


I use Bluelab pens and never used anything else. They are a little pricey but you calibrate them once a month and if you do you will have correct reading throughout the month.


I’ve been looking at this. It will do PH and PPM, and a lot more. The problem I have with the pen type is seeing the reading while its in whatever container I’m trying to PH the water in. Looks like with the lead type you can just drop the lead in and fully submerge it.


Keep the tip moist is my suggestion it will keep meter more accurate
You’ll still need to check calibration once in a while
I have a piece of sponge in my cap I keep moist I know others keep them in a cup of 7 calibration/storage solution as well
@Donaldj I believe does exactly that guys
So yeah keep them moist or wet for optimal performance :+1:
I have both the cheap yellow one and a more expensive one and the yellow one is accurate my second meter cost me about 100 $ and self adjusts to water temp and will auto calibrate with proper solutions and the yellow meter is on point when tested against it @Rugar89 just my experience




I saw the post I’m not sure what to say about that lol
You can get a better meter if it’s stressing you out that much @Rugar89
Mine stays accurate longer than yours ?


I have this meter and love it. First one the pH meter would not calibrate. They immediately sent me another and works great. I have all 3 probes secured together. I get all 3 readings in about 15 seconds, pull it out; onto next bucket. I have seen it anywhere from 66$ to 120$ from the same supplier.


How long does it stay in calibration for you?

And the probes are fully submersible correct?

Did you have to buy the temp probe separate? Its says two probes included.

I’m assuming this has to stay plugged in to power to work? If it does that would be the drawback for me. Cant check outdoor grow.


Calibrate weekly, never adjusted more than 0.2 to correct it. It works with rechargable batteries and plugs into charger. Ppm cable is attached to unit, pH and temp probes plug in. 100% submersible and portable when charged battery. Will go for 12 hours w/o a charge.


Awesome! Thanks for your time explaining your experience with this meter! Still deciding what I’m getting at this point, but for the price and your positive hands on experience with it, Its on the top of the list.:thumbsup:


I bought one of these a year or so ago. Great Value. I have not used mine yet. I bought it as back up, or for another new system I am designing. One thing to note: Make sure you get all the different calibration solutions you need to do the calibration. :slight_smile:


Yeah, my cheap yellow one went nuts. I guess it’s worth spending a little more money if it lasts more than a couple of months?


I seen your post about it going out, and that’s why I tagged you here. Thought maybe we could all learn some thing and find one from others suggestions that actually work as intended.


One more quick question. Do you store yours dry? Or in a solution? Did the instructions tell you how it should be stored?


I just leave probes inside the last bucket checked, so they stay in solution all the time… only issue is that the temperature probe is getting small bit of rust.


Look in the ILGM buuyers guide. You really need a water proof Milwaukee or Hanna meter. Minimum price approx. 55 bucks I believe I have some posted in the buyers guide. If I do not; You can find and post links to pens off the Amazon site here, and I will adjust the link to fit our ILGM profile.

Happy hunting1 :slight_smile:


When you purchase a PH pen, a TDS, or EC meter; You always store the probe in storage solution, distilled or ph buffer 7.01 solution. Never store dry.

On another note. Probes go bad anywhere from 8 months to 2+ years depending on use and storage. If you buy Milwaukee or Hanna meters; You can buy replacement probes. :slight_smile:

Here I go again