Let's talk about Jack's Jack

You running autos too? Yeah I honestly thought increasing was the move for the one I have but it wasnt. Luckily I kept a journal on here to be able to trace my issue back. Got up to 2.0 EC and she was like nope. Backed down to 1.8 and shes doing really well. Also wanted a pH of like 6.1 which had me scratching my head since 5.8 should be the target. Same deal with my second girl…super dark leaves early on some spotting which I posted a little above. 33% strength at 6.0 31 days later and she looks freaking perfect.

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You could also run a 50/50 tap and ro. I had asked Jacks what the top end would be for starting water tds. I told them I was asking to see if I could run around a 270ppm start. Al he could say was to try it.
@TheAlchemist You can run Jacks at full strength almost instantly even with autos. I do a water for the firs 2. Then switch to Jacks full strength. It is mild enough that you will not see any issues from it. Don’t try that with GH. As you probably all ready know. :slightly_smiling_face:


Perfect :muscle:t4:

This is 4th day of 3rd week since seedling broke the surface coco and jacks full strength since day 1 and hydrated the coco with full strength as well.


Good job! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Flash dorward to start of week 5