Let's start another topic _ "hollow Stalks"

another way to check if you harvested your plant at a “correct” time is to check your main stalk when harvesting> you will notice your main stalk being hollow - meaning plant has stopped nutrient-up-take - "this can only be checked when harvesting - if stalk is not hollow at time of harvest, the plant is still feeding. Here we go again !!! thought’s on this (the hollow part ( in stalk) should be at least 1/2 size (diameter) of main stalk. All i can say when harvesting take a notice and then along with trichome (tic’s) development (color) the “hollow stalk” is just another way to verifiy a correct harvest time for you. So if you harvested at a 50% amber 50% clear and like the effects your product has on you - check the plants stalk so when harvesting next time you will see the degree of “hollowness”, just another way to check after you harvest’ I’m sure this will bring some interesting post !!


Can you tap the stalk and hear or feel if it’s hollow? Like tapping a melon to determine ripeness?


Every time I’ve cut a plant down ( for whatever reason) the main stalk has been hollow. Don’t think you can use that as a gauge to say you harvested at the correct time.

Just my .02


Yes - near the bottom of stalk - you can hear the “hollow” thump - no feeling - like a melon. You will find that after 100% milky the stalk starts to hollow a bit. If you harvest a plant an the stalk is not hollow at your tic color will be clear, which as you know means plant is too young yet to harvest. All I can say is next harvest look at the stalk the hollow should be at least 1/2 the size of stalk and will find that top flowers have a smaller Hollow than the bottom - indicating that nutrient-up -take as pretty much stopped . Just something to look at if concerned if you harvested it at “your” correct time. But trichome color milky, amber, ect is the way to determine harvest time (with scope) if you have no scope; harvest plant when 80% of the “pistals” have turned brown, amber

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If stalk is not hollow plant is to young to harvest - just something else to add to the mix !!!

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No way ! This is cool indeed. :slight_smile:

It can’t be a gauge for harvesting though. The only way to check that is after harvest.

I didn’t realize the hollow stalk meant the plant had stopped feeding. I just figured it was the plant’s structural design. Kind of like papyrus. I believe dog fennel is the same design internally. I believe the pithy center helps with flexibility.

Not sure, but I’ll stick to trichomes for timing my harvest.


I agree !! that’s the only way

Reminds me of the time someone told me how to check if a seed was good or

Process was to drop seed on hot iron and if it popped it was good, well I guess
it works but kinda hard to plant it after the fact


LMAO! They don’t get many seeds to sprout, huh?


I don’t know if I agree with the whole hollow theory.
This Blueberry plant was plenty ready for harvest, and it had a solid stalk.

Once the plant turns more fiberous, I’m don’t think it can get hollow.


I have seen hollow stalks on 5 month old 7 ft. tall plants grown outdoors in garden soil.

Thanks for the pictures ! seeing is believing

That sure is a nice souvenir.How tall and wide was she ?

~5ft × ~3-4ft × ~3ft high, from my harvest back in January (Aqua-Aero grow).

Damn I would love to make something cool out of that stem base you have there @Aquaponic_Dumme!
A bowl, an ashtray, a pen holder. I think I’m going to save mine and hope it gets thick enough to do something cool with!

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I honestly was thinking of Aquascaping a fish tank with it.


I grew the same clones for quite a few years. It was an early 90’s super skunk and it would take just under seven weeks from switching to flower to harvest. While growing it some times the stems were hollow some times they were not but I did work out it was more common to have bigger air gaps in summer. Also It was never hollow at the bottom of the stem just started to do it around the first set of nodes. I have also grown the same clone out doors and it wasnt hollow at all ever.
I was using a 250 MH for veg and 400 Son-T agro for flower and was using aero in 2X50L totes 3 plants per tote.

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That’s a beautiful fish tank, did you make that @Aquaponic_Dumme?

I wish… No, but it is a picture of a project I’m working on.