Let's see your buds right now

Week 5 after switch


She’s coming down in another day or 2. Waiting for just a little more amber.


few more weeks for these girls!!

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How much did you get off that plant? What medium are you using

Growing in FF Happy Frog. I haven’t chopped her yet, but expect I will get between 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound.

Led light?

HLG 260 (and a half.) I ran three 135 boards above her from 2 standard 260s. All were turned all the way up during flowering. It was a bit much and I got some foxtailing, but it isn’t too bad.

8 in my 4x4 getting ready to finish just waiting for Amber to show up and help :grin:
Might have to chop one because she won’t stop making bananas such pretty buds on her


Damn that sucks she is beautiful your gonna harvest her right? I had one do that to me a couple weeks ago, did you try to remove them?

@MeEasy I gotta learn how to get those huge colas like you got!!

I’m almost through week 5 of flower, things are stinky, sticky and frosty.
Only 4 week (or so) left to harvest.

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Those are some sexy and healthy looking girls ya got there bro.

“/tips hat in show of respect”

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I have been plucking them off for about a week and I decided to cut it down today the buds are already smaller than the others and don’t seem to be growing so I just cut it down.

These are all manifolds with 8 tops. Search manifold on the grow weed easy site and I kinda follow Nebulahaze tutorial it’s literally step by step instructions

There’s nothing wrong with those buds Philly I’m a couple weeks ahead of you is the difference. I switched to 12s on 1/11


22nd day of flower cycle. WW photo.


Week 4 of flower



@MeEasy, damn bro I just searched it and I swear I’m doing it on my newly planted seedlings I have 2, I’m gonna try to do the manifold on them and keep them in the 2x2 the whole grow, I already slightly lollipopped the ones I have now, I’m not sure I did it exactly, and I didn’t mean to nor did I know what I was doing when I did it, but I just thought one day if I remove all the lower bottom branches that won’t produce anything but frivolous amounts of tiny buds, then she’ll direct her energy to the ones that are gonna produce something so started cutting a few off each plant a day, and than like 2 weeks ago I actually read about for the very first time about the lollipop technique, so yeah I love to learn and try new stuff and the manifold seems to be the ticket for a substantially larger yield

I’ve been on a manifold kick lately I like the simplicity of it. If you follow nebula’s tutorial on when and where to make your cuts your plants hardly slow down. She has some good tutorials on defoliation to. Good luck :deciduous_tree: :sunglasses: