Lets see who is the grooviest


I love music. There used to be, years ago, a TV show by the name of, “Name That Tune.” I’ll recite a line and you finish it. Here goes. "Be on my side, I’ll be on? @highcountrygal, finish it! Or if you can, go for it.


yours? @Happy_Pappy


Nope. Your side.


@Happy_Pappy I just tried a pipe full of Silly and I am messed up! and I found a seed! You’ve got me stumped? I’m going to the garden to think about it and contemplate life. If I can move…


I am concerned about the amounts of Cannibis that you consume. Especially the grade of cannibis you cultivate. If I didn’t know better, I would consider you a reefer addict. Slow down a little. You could overdose. It looks funny to young folks in rehab to look at folks in there at our maturity level. My, my.


This has to be the heaviest hitting Sativa I have ever smoked! This from those little popcorn nugs. I am still wasted. This was harvested 4-5 days ago, it’s not even dried yet. This is what I mean when I say quality over quantity. It’s unreal @Happy_Pappy


So, what exactly was the strain? Another Budman seed or ILGM?


It’s a seed from a grower I know in Michigan. He gave them to me 2 yrs ago but the ones I grew before were nothing like this at all, in fact I didn’t really care for it so I dry rubbed it and got a lot of keef.


I like all strains. I like how the Afghan strains smell and taste. I can’t say that I have ever not liked the central, South American Stativas. If you like it, dosnt matter what strain. I found a place to get Panama Red landrase strain original seed. Got to cull the males but that’s half the fun of outdoor growing. Stativa loves the long hot warm climates.


Oh, the also have the Colombian seed too. It’s known as Santa Marna Columbia. Or I think that’s the name. Mountain valley area.


Oh I’d love to get a hold of some of the old time strains. I have two Afghanis from ILGM and they are as different as night and day. I am an indica girl but wouldn’t ever turn down a sativa. This is a beautiful high between a sativa up and a indica pow! I am very happy, Pappy! When do you do your test? Soon I hope. Do they random test or just a one time thing? @Happy_Pappy


Wanna know the site name? Check it out.


Sure are they trusted? are they expensive? @Happy_Pappy


And, I don’t know when my urine test is due. I took 4 puffs yesterday. Ill be good in a couple of days. It’s not built up in Mr to the point of concern. I’ll keep drinking lots of water. My sickly ole plant sure does whack a punch. It gave me a mild headache though. Maybe all those chemical I have it


Thank you. The same grower was the one who bred Chuckie to GG to get Chuckies Goo to get my the Chunk, I sent him the original seeds from the budman I got it from.


Your Michigan friend must be a talented grower to cross his own hybrids. Let me know what you think about those original strains. The photos will make you pant.


Big time! he’s been doing it a long time and he’s a chemistry person a brainiac. @Happy_Pappy


Gotta love. Now, check that site. I’ll do the same. Let me know.


On my way! @Happy_Pappy


Mangobeche is the columbian. Check out the Peyote Purple.