Let's see what i have learned


Yea I read this last night but thank you


Ok ok ok here’s what has taken place sense I got off work. First I PhD a bucket of water at 6.3 and slowly ran 2 gallons thru her and still 8.1 so I had some composting outside and it had a pH of 5.5 so I dumped a 2 gallon of 8.2 (soil) in with it stirred it up and bam 6.0 so lucky the roots didnt grow so the solo cup clump was still intact so all thtee got put into soil tonight with a run off ph of 6.0 so I know it’s drastic and I may come home to dead plants but hey at 8 and not dropping they would have been dead. Rolled the dice just waiting to see if I get a 7/11 or Ole snake eye?
@Donaldj @Covertgrower @bob31 @SmoknGranny @70sChick @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 I think that’s every one who chimed in and thank you all your opinion is very important to me and I listened and weighed all of the options and I feel this is my best bet oh and @Myfriendis410


I always bet horn high aces with my line bet lol. When the button is off anyway.

Hopefully you’re all set!


I think you raised the bets on this gamble, I think you’ll end up with a full house. @Sirsmokes nice job.


I really didon’t know what else to do. My next step after these dry oUT which I’m sure will take 2 to 3 days to dry out but I have to measure the tds because if memory serves me right this has been sitting outside for over 90 days and has some fertilizers mixed in and all so I may not be able to feed them any time soon but that will be another issue I just got to wate a couple of weeks and go from there lol


@Sirsmokes if it makes you feel better I reused my soil from my last grow…


This us what they are getting for the roots in a cpl days.

I’m going to let her getget big Lots of root room for my size box looks like I’m going to learn alot of lst

here are the twins I’m trying to save


Haha I set the planter outside and before I could even get it put up my dog had the root ball out and was having a blast. But they to use mj too lmao but it’s true they love the leaves and trim and stems


I actually give my old dog edibles. I really notice an improvement since I’ve been giving her a little. @Sirsmokes


All 3 of my dogs absolutely love it


Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures :+1:. It’s better sometimes just to try and this could very well turn out to be a great Grow! I’m “rooting” for you :hugs:


Thank you @SmoknGranny


Can I put $25- on the dogs to place? @Sirsmokes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the twins no change their leaves aRe brittle I will give them another week or so but I think they are toast just my opinion. Now the sprout was looking perked after a good waterING with the above product we will see they don’t need daily watreING mabey 2 to 3 days I need to find more small fans tomorrow while me and the Mrs are out. I am suprised they made it because I used my soil from outside and didnt let it warm before I stuck them into it and then today I checked the floor temp bease it was warm enough to be in a t shirt about 72 or so in the room but I went our in socks and my feet were getting cold so I checked and my water was only 58 degrees so I have to plan ahead and place pail of water in heat path so it’s at least 70 or 75


Hey @bob31 believe it or not the black shepherd mix on my last journal can eat some weed have of my leaves he ate and after the grow he’s eating all the stems like treats and occasionally hew will get a bud tossed to him also my othere two like it but he loves it so he wins. Where can I send you your winnings lol


If the twins don’t make it I will be reusing their soil I know the oh but it will not be until I get ilgm beans I wont get to order them until next pay but I talked to payroll and they have shotel me 1440 and they are paying it next check which will have my $3 a hr rause on it!!! To bad o don’t get it until Fri befor Xmas lol


@Sirsmokes well that’s crazy they’re holding your money… I hope it doesn’t hold the grow up too much.


We were in the transition of loosing our hr lady so it slipped through the cracks and our payroll is done in Mexico so will only release at payday but it’s good we don’t necessarily need it if you know what I mean it’s just ganna make it nice because I say my wife but we got a divorce 6 years ago and are getting remarried in sprING but it gives me about 1000 dollars to gwt her a nice ring


Congratulations. A lot of people never consider remarriage. @Sirsmokes


Congrats @Sirsmokes

Take the bean money out first, LOL