Let's see what i have learned


The clones aren’t doing anything that’s what im trying to figure this out


But my seedling is taking off and looks good


Can you take a picture of your clones as of today?


I’m going to be transplanting what line of promix do you recommend (I’m really not sure what mix of promix as I tossed the bag because I had used it 2 other times with the issue being low ph fixed with lime. ) I’m just going to get a different type of promix pull the clones rice roots and replant in a lower ph medium as that’s all I can think of doing


Give me 5 min and I will take a pic



Here’s one sorry looking clone

Here’s the second
And here’s my seedling


They have looked like this for today is 43 days sence I took them


I would not be surprised if there is poor root development in the clones.

If you are watering daily, at that size you might try every other day to allow the roots to develop. Some humic acid or superthrive might be good too. Stunted plants may be a soil ph issue.


I’m only watering every 2 to 3 days as they seem to hold moisture pretty good and they were root bound before I transplanted so I’d say the roots are good as far as developed. I am using a root enhancer from nftg


They never grew any they just didn’t die


@Sirsmokes I recommend the hp or bx bx imo needs a little more perilite afded to it the ho has wxtra added already and is good to go right out of bag
Both have no nutrients in them so feeding is necessary as soon as the feeder leaves yellow up fyi
If you decide to use coco @Myfriendis410 is the guy to speak with lol


Reverting to veg is time consuming sometimes which Is why I don’t tend to monster crop (take flowering) cuttings on average they take twice as long as regular cuttings to produce normal growth. Don’t give up on them yet if you know they have roots that’s half the problem feed them like a small plant lots of light and keep them warm


Right now my main concern is getting the ph down


pet store buy some ph down the same stuff that works for fish tanks works for plants


I have that and ph my water every time but my runoff was 8.2 so I did a slurry test same results so I need to get ph of Medium down


It’s 8.1 needs to be 6.4 @Donaldj


Add lime the stuff you have would likely work add a couple of tbs stir it into top of soil then water through


@Donaldj his runoff is like 8.3 he is looking for something to put into the soil that will lower the pH of the actual soil.

Ive never seen soil with a pH that high. Not sure if flushing it would work for that much?


Maybe this will help?:grimacing:


Think I eluded to adding to the soil
just repeating so there’s less confusion :slight_smile: