Let's see what i have learned


That’s got to be lucky… you know the ol 3leaf diesel


I hope to beat this haul with this journal


Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Gardners and smokers. Hope everyone has a good sample from a harvset they can smoke today also


Well as for now I have Ole 3 leaf. And 3 I’m waiting to sprout but should have already sprouted but will give a few more days and if nothing happens I do have 2 clones that I can try experiment with. I’m just waiting for them to take off. They are done dieing so now I’m just waiting for them to take off and I will do my experiment on these sence they are going to be the exact same phenotype and strain so this should be a more telling experiment. I will keep everyone updated until then happly growing, may your girls be green and your buds fat…


Same to you @Sirsmokes Hope you had an enjoyable time with the family on Thanksgiving!


I love I found this place. I had a face book once everyone was, is fake as hell then I find this forum and everyone here is kind genuine and positive wanting nothing but the best for the next man/woman I love it mabe the moderators need to have a big ass camping trip once a year where we could meet up aND actually in person meet some of the wonderful people. I would travel, everyone meet in a legal state just a thought…


Seems like theres quite a few I talk to that are in the north east


Well, I can now answer the question that is the name of this journal and experiment… NOTHING…I HAVE LEARNED NOTHING… lmao. So I have commented about my lack of cloning and have posted about my clones being alive but not growing but not dyeing. So I decided to transplant into bigger container, fresh soil, new additives to soil mix, ect… well I figured out why they weren’t doing anything, I was worried about not rooting these damn things were root bound so they shold take off now! Oh yea!!!:wink:
So let the experiment commence we will be going with nectar for the gods at full strength and it’s going to be a feed water water feed water water dry out. Everything is the same as my help ticket above except the strain is unknown but I think what I harvested is great smoke so let’s see ones going to be an aggressive lollipop and the other nothing. I will be supercropping as needed on eithe plant but if I do it to one I will do it to both to keep everything equality and will only SC if needed for height but I have to install my new top to get alost another foot.


Nice job, if you happen to get some pictures of your clones that would be great. @Sirsmokes


Here are the clones as per request @Covertgrower


The other clone pic is to big even after I cropped it so I will try to get them all in a pic after work


I didn’t see anyone comment on your question from a few days ago, about the seed genetics.

If you’re growing each plant from seed there is no guarantee they will be same phenotype. In fact, it’s pretty unlikely they will. They will probably share some traits, but others will be different. The only way to have same phenotype is by cutting clones from same mother. That’s typically the best way to run side by side grows, at least to get the best data on methods. Should be fun to watch none the less.

Also, about the lollipop. It’s best to do that along with a different method like a scrog or sog. In either of those done properly, there would be very little to no light reaching beyond your canopy. So the lollipop is to clear the growth below the canopy, so it’s not stealing energy from your tops. It is possible to be too aggressive, and can definitely impact your yeild. But even when done lightly, it’s not necessarily best to apply to every grow.


Yeah, usually lollipopping (is that a word? Lol) is over done. The examples I usually see are done just before harvest in that final week and have no relationship to the technique done on a plant with time left on it.


Clones look good @Sirsmokes they’ll get bigger eventually.


They should grow now that the roots have room


Yea I’m not sure if you paid any attention to my last grow but I fim enough to not have light at the bottom it was a issue I fought all last grow so for me my plants have to be short and bushy which = perfect canidate for lollipop imo


I didn’t, but a full canopy is a full canopy. If you got there by using fim wouldn’t be much different than any other method. I agree.


Lol yea I wasn’t trying to be rude just trying to give the information so yoy can understand why I’m doing this. I wishould I could go up would solve alot of headaches lol


My last grow these clones mom was 16 or 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide when I pUT her into flower


I didn’t take it that way, no worries. I wasn’t really sure of the circumstances, so you cleared them up is all. Nothing wrong with that.