Lets Lean with it!

2 of the 3 og kush got a lean to them. Seems to be getting better since I brought the light up a bit. What would be a good way to fix this? I’m getting ready to goto a bigger pot and do a lst on them. Should I bury the stem a bit or just let it lean?

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I just pull it over and tie it off mine does that for a while when I start regular waterings.the medium hasn’t compacted and the roots aren’t established enough

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Always burry stem fully when transplanting.

How close was the light? Is there a breeze did wind from a fan force them to move?
Ussualy plant grow towards light but maybe they fell over at one point and are correcting.

@jack181 got some chopsticks :chopsticks: or something hold them back up right straight I wouldn’t keep them like that