Lets grow this unknown Brick Weed strain


So I bought some good ol fashioned brick weed today fairly cheap of course, mainly for seeds, and hard times.

I got my grow tent back from a buddy so Im going to grow these seeds indoors once germinated!


Enjoy the grow brother
:v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


After sifting for more seeds I think I’m going to really enjoy this brick strain man check this out!


Just curious how much did you pay for that brick of seeds?


If it’s like it is here,about 80-100z


Half oz 30$


Could get a quarter pound for $200


For just a few coins more you could have bought ILGM Quality seeds and grower was very high end plants. The cost to grow is the same
But the pay off is greatly improved


Cant wat to see how amazing these plants turn out
Growing them properly you will find its amazing



@D.B.Cooper those plants are looking good. The one on the right is really stretching up there. In a good way. Getting big. Was it popped the same day as the others? Just wondering cause it almost 3 times as big. Nice looking plant.

Your LED’s, what wattage and are they chinese? Dont worry…that is what I have, the cheap chinese LED’s. Couldnt afford the better ones right now. But the ones I got, 600 watt 60 buck chinese LED’s off ebay work, so not complaining. Normally I order from amazon but its all good far as I am concerned. Ordered a couple better ones that should arrive in a week that have the seperate veg/bloom settings. A bit better, and a bit more expensive, for my other tent. See what happens and if they make a difference.