Let's Grow Some Purple Kush

Red 5/3 update, day 76. When I did the 70 day defoliation I said I was going to give her a few more days so she would be above the frame (11") when I flip. It has been more than a couple days and she has grown well past the frame.

I have been bending and spreading out the taller ones. She is now a solid 15 - 16" above soil.

I don’t know if is just me but I like photos of the underside. Its foundation tells you a lot.

Jack’s 321 seems to be working. I added 2ml of Sensisym and 1.3ml of Silca Boost per liter to today’s menu. I will drop A & B and feed her 10-30-20 Blossom Booster for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow marks 11 weeks of veg and a nice number to make the flip. I did start to decrease the number of light hours a couple of days ago. Also, given her size I think I had better use the 2nd tier scrog. Oh such exciting times.
Lights back on

Ps I started rearranging (I can’t say cleaning) the area of the garage outside of my shop where the additional grow space will be going.
The spring migration is in full flight. This morning we have had Scarlet Tanagers, Baltimore Orioles, and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. This is a poor picture of a Grosbeak. It doesn’t do it justice. A strikingly handsome bird
The squirrels @PharmerBob have emptied all of the other feeders so I need to refill them.
Till next time


Excellent work brother!


Thank you. It is time, as the say, to get this show on the road


They really like hazelnuts, Pippen goes nuts for them


I think I can remove the dowel now. It has served its purpose.


VERY Niiiiice!


Red update day 77. She was defoliated a week ago and needed a touchup. Took out a good number of leaves and a few unwanted stems. She still has plenty left.

Did a little more tucking and spreading. She is 5" above the frame pretty much across the canopy

I do have a question. Given she is 15-16" tall what should the distance be between the first frame and the second? Right now it is 12". The frame can go up another 5-6"but is as low as she can go

Light at 24" 100%

The second net is for support and separation only.
12 hours of dark starts tonight.
Till next time


I’d see how much she stretches to decide on a height for the 2nd net if you can. Looking really good!


Think so @beardless can’t see that changing shape to much at this stage of the game…
Awesome plant

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I am not sure how much she will stretch so I will have see what she does.

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A little over a month ago I started four Purple Haze. I thought it would provide a nice balance to the 100% indica kush. I will skip their infant and toddler stages. They were adorable. The good news is they are thriving despite my trying a new medium and grow method.

The buckets are filled with a peat mix I put together. I guess it is a combination ProMix HP and Bruce Bugbee’s mix. If interested, glad to share the recipe. The buckets are sub-irrigated planters. I think of them as the manual feed version of autopots.

4/26 ready to receive transplants

After transplanting top fed them 2 liters of Jacks and put a liter in the reservoir

I started them in coco and then used 1 gallon transplanters with coco.

A couple of them as you can see are struggling, or should I say I am struggling, with calcium / magnesium deficiencies despite adding CalMag and upping epsom salt intake.
A couple days before final transplanting, on 4/24, they were topped and prepped for Nebula’s Manifold.

This is on 5/4 (day 36) and they received their second topping. I think they like the medium and Jacks. They have recovered from calmag def. and grew out quite nicely

Kept the first node growth tips, removed the second and topped above 3rd. Then stapled them down

That pretty much brings you up to date with the Purple Haze
Ps Starting some light demolition in the garage. Prepping a corner to tie into it.
Enjoying what I am doing.
Till next time :sunglasses: :hammer: :hammer:


This system looks incredible.

Thanks It seems to be working.

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Im very interested in how you built your buckets with the pipe and the clay balls at the bottom and always interested in soil recipes
Are your seeds purple haze or purple kush and how are they labeled in the seed packet when you got them.
I’m attempting to solve a mystery

I started this journal with purple kush. Just two plants. One is in the autopot which I call Red. The other one, Blue is hanging out and will either be grown out or become clone stock. Rather than starting another journal for the purple haze, I am including them here. I will follow up with mix recipe and more on the buckets. Any thing specific on the buckets?

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here are the ILGM product reference codes
Purple Haze (fem) SYP-PRZ-FX
Purple Kush (fem) SYP-PPK-FX


@Blackmoon Peat mix recipe. You will have to convert to liters. Based on the buckets I have, this is the quantities
Peat 15 gallons
Coco 2 gallons
Vermiculite 3.5 gallons
Perlite 6 gallons
Dolomite lime 90 grams
Pelletized gypsum 23grams
If I had it at the time, I would have added some dehydrated yucca or aloe powder as a wetting agent.
Bruce Bugbee’s recipe is 50% peat and 50% vermiculite. I did not what that much water retention capability provided by that much vermiculite so traded it out for perlite


Thought I would share pretty cool stuff.


Curious what is the ph of soil when mixed ?

It comes in 2 strengths, try the smaller one, same battery.

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