Let's Grow Some Purple Kush

I have seen some other QBs with similar features so it is apparently catching on. Thanks for taking a look at it and giving me your thoughts.


6/9 Purple Kush update 113 total days, 36 12/12
This is Blue - she is only day 28 12/12

Buds are filling out Nicely. They have good spacing and look to be enjoying the HLG260

And Red

She is spilling out a bit

She is coming along quite nicely too

Till next time


Awesome work as per always brother :ok_hand: … Another solid grow …:sunglasses::v:


Looking good brother :sunglasses:

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Nice looking kush.

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Thank you @Arrow @spankyjr1 @Ynotfish
Now it is kind of like watching paint dry. Sit back and watch them hopefully fatten up.
I should give Red one more clean up and she is homeward bound.


@Flipdawg08 this is my current journal. I grow in a 3x3 and yes an unused bathroom including the claw foot tub. It is on the second floor. It is my exercise routine.


I love it hahahaha I just made an attempt at a late journal and tagged you in it as well.

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@SKORPION I searched the forum for Eco Farm and you came up. I am looking for a couple of lights. comparable / similar to HLG 260 rspec. I am using one now and of course like it. Curious if you purchased / use any of eco farm QB. This is the ECOT - T240 model


Looked at them and strongly considered it but I went with this one


OK thanks. It is a big light at 24x31.

Yeah my new room is 10 x 26 so gotta light it up. And with hlg that’s a big number.


I am doing 32x72 - inches that is.
You have a lot of ground to cover.


@peachfuzz here you go. All tid-bits of good info is welcome


Set too watching…
Will scroll to the top and check things out… :+1::wink::green_heart:

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6/12 It has been almost two weeks since last purple haze update. 75 total days, 20 days - 12/12.
This is probably the last time I pull them out of the tent. They are getting too big and heavy to move around safely. I’m talking about my back not the plants. It was time for their three week defoliation. They for the most part didn’t need a whole lot. They are not real dense so cleaned up the bottoms, removed unwanted buds and some long stemmed fan leaves.
They are like two sets of twins.
Only a mother could tell these two apart #1 & 4. Both are around 26"

#2 & 3 are the well behaved pair. Both are 19-20". They’re adorable!


Some of those buds I mentioned

you can see one side, divided laterally, is taller than the other.

Mutt & Jeff? Big sister - little sister

Again, you can see one side is a little taller than the other. But this one is more of how I would expect it. Divided by the manifold. I guess in either case I did a poor job with my LST. The tall ones should have been tied down lower & longer to even out the tops. I was running out of room so I had to go with what it is.

What’s the chance of this one reaching the upper canopy? None. Gone!


I like #4. Eight colas, well spaced, forming nicely and mostly the same height.
Thank you @Arrow

I enjoyed sharing today’s update. I am now, more than ever, a strong endorser of Nebula’s manifold method. But then again, if you have the time and space, Nugbuckets isn’t any thing to sneeze at.
Time to work on the closet.
Till next time. Stay cool. Its frick’n hot. :fire: :sunglasses:


Ditto…as per normal, your plants speak for themselves …awe growing…:ok_hand::sunglasses::v:


@Nicky update on the purple haze I mentioned yesterday


I like #4 too!! She’s a beauty.
Really admire your work, and technique. Happy growing :evergreen_tree:

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Thank you. I very much appreciate your kind words. Now my job is to keep them happy and give them all the time they need to finish. Oh well, another 5, 6 weeks.