Let's Grow Some Purple Kush

2/11 dropped two Purple Kush into water with some hydrogen peroxide. Both sprouted and transferred to paper towels 24 hours later. Kept the towels damp and warm and let the tails grow.
Off to a good start

2/14 transferred them to covered tray with starter mix. Tail down

2/18 - the cover drops the intensity in half. I am not burning them up.

The starter mix is some of my amended ocean forest mix mellowed out with some buffered coco, ProMoss Peat and perlite.
2/25 - still getting their legs under them

Home sweet home. Mist the interior of the dome. By the way, the dome works great for humidity retention and temperature moderation.

3/5 - day 17 and it is transplant day.

Roots look good

Trying something new this time. These are one gallon Vivosun transplanters. See how they work when it is time to pot up to the final pot.

Time to introduce Blue on the left and Red. Set the light about 11" , around 70% and 22000 LUX

Another thing that is new this grow is I will be trying coco mixed with perlite for the first time (about 60/40). I am using Coco For Cannabis as my primary source of information to get me this far. This past fall I hydrated a 5KG brick of Mother Earth Coco and soaked for a couple days in water with 7ml calmagic / gallon. It was late fall I spread it on a tarp and it took 5+ days for it to dry so I could store it until needed. Before putting it in the pots, I did remove some of the fine dust / pith by shaking it in a large kitchen stainer, I soaked it again with 5ml calmagic/ gal, and a full dose of Jack’s. Yes, Jack’s is also new. So, Jack’s users in coco, HP, what ever, please lend a hand.
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Glad to tag along. Love your grows. Always interesting.


Off to a great start brother. :+1:
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Thanks for gracious words. I will be in uncharted waters with this one.

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I’m planning to switch to coco and Jack’s next round. I’ll be keeping an eye as well!


@Underthestairs coco and Jack’s is a popular combination. It has been around for a while so it must have something going for it.


I’ve been using Jacks with promix this grow and really liking it. I hear plants grow a bit faster in coco which is also an inert medium. Since you use full Jack’s every feeding im thinking it would be a good combo for coco. May experiment with some royal gold coco and Jacks sometime.


I have some catching up to do.
For those of you who like to read the last chapter of a novel first, this is where I am heading. If you are into suspense, well, hopefully there will be some of that too.
This is Red. I did the same to Blue. Blue is just a touch behind Red in terms of height and growth tip development.
3/19 day 31.

This is how I got there.
3/8 look who joined the party. A couple of liters of Jack’s mixed and ready.

3/14 day 26
I wanted some clear photos of them developing showing the emergence of growth tips at the leaf nodes. She has four fully developed nodes - #5 almost. She still has her cotyledon leaves. The prepped coco and Jack’s must be working.

3/17 day 29 - the suspense is building…
Fifth node leaves are there, growth tips are showing. Just a little longer and it will be where I need for her to be. She is 5" at the center.

3/19 - Top of the day to you
Sixth node leaves are separated and visible. The apical stem in pushing up.

Ouch Half of her is on the bench.

Now it is time to remove nodes’ 1 & 2 growth tips. They are large enough where I can safely remove them. Some would strip the bottom completely. I am leaving the leaves for now.

Where do I go from here? I let her grow to six nodes and topped above the third. In a couple of days I will have to decide… Nugbucket’s Mainline or Nebula’s Manifold?

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Trying to catch up to a few others
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Awesome I really enjoyed that clear and understandable.
Looking forward to more updates as she grows


My favorite is Nebula’s manifold imo it’s the best way to train for a sog

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You def explain a lot better than I do…:joy::joy::sunglasses::v:

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