Let's grow a pound of ilgm white widow

And the grow continues…
WW2 photo week 4 day 5

WW3 day 84
WW4 day 84
Gold leaf photo day 11 flower


Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve got 3 ww autos and 4 photos. I’ve never grown autoflower before. Last season was my first grow. Outside so it was easy. I am feeding 2 photos ( in a makeshift setup in my shed) Humboldt 2 part advanced . First question: What nutrients can I give to autos and what type of schedule. What can I do to get 'em to big and or faster? In my shed I’ve got 1000w mhp. It was a gift. I don’t have a dehumidifier which keeps the rh around 60 to 40s. Thanks again for your help.

Feed every watering

Smoked a few blunts of the ww already and rolling a blunt now.
My thoughts
Autos have came a long way. This is my best one so far and you would have a hard time deciphering between it and a photo. It’s that good. It does have a woody taste that I’m not crazy about but the high is intense and the bag appeal is undeniable. Smells like orange peel vanilla


just showing you the strawberry cough and big bud in the shed. 4 weeks 12/12. I just put them on 11/13 two days ago just to see theyhavebeengoingsinceFebruary…anyway you said feed the autos every watering? What kind of schedule? I realize I should get something different than I feed the photos but what? I need simple here. They are a week old and looking good. It rained for a while the last few days. Thanks again :grin:

I usually rotate between cal mag and grow big for veg nutes at about day 15-20 at 1 tsp per gallon every 3-4 days and increase the frequency as it gets bigger. I don’t use bloom until I see buttons and I still feed veg then too. By the time I’m in mid flower I feed/water every day or 2 because I’m in a dry climate. I have a ppm and pH meter but I don’t even use them. My autos and photos get the same treatment no different. I drop the veg nutes around day 55 and just use big bloom, tiger bloom and moab every feeding. Once in a while I feed just water. My nute mix for my whole grow is 1tsp of cal mag, 2tsp of big bloom, 2 tsp of tiger bloom and a 1/4tsp of moab every feeding with cal mag here and there. Ppm comes out in the 700-800 range. @Medicalman

Per gallon of water

Day 86 WW3
Chopping sometime this week

Day 86 WW4
Chopping sometime this week. She has more amber than #3
WW photo week 4 day 7
Doing what photos do
Day 13 flower gold leaf
Days 75 & 76 candy kush
Having to water twice in a 24hr period since their in 3 gallon! Ladder fell on the one on the right and snapped some branches. Repaired with zip ties and aloe vera. at least one of these candy kush will be put in the flower tent on 12/12 within 7 days when the front row of the flower tent is done the front left 4 including the 2 ww autos
Here’s what else I have going on
Gsc cookies not positive what strain thinking thin mints because if the mint smell. 2 clones from a photo I finished a while ago. Week 11 day 1 with foxtails and all and week 5 day 1
Sunset sherbet 2 more week 8 day 5 and mid week 5
And finally gg4 week 3 day 5
This ought to keep bud porn coming to this journal for a bit!


great journal. been a great read. hope u get to ur pound. looks promising


Think I’ll get about 10oz total with the ww autos and I’m hoping the ww photo pushes me to the pound. That’s the plan. Thanks for tuning in @ImNewHere

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Sunset sherbet and WW4 have been chopped and hung

Did you just hang the whole plant upside down? I’ve heard of that but had not seen any pics here of others using this method

WW3 auto day 89 not a single amber present which is weird because I seen some before on it

Yes. Need the slowest dry possible

I’ve done it on smaller outdoor grows a few years ago. Now they are to big to hang the whole plant upside down. I can still do it on insides tho

Why are u wanting the slowest dry possible ?

Because it’s hot and low humidity @ImNewHere

@Bluntsmoke So you’re looking for a slow gradual drying? Is that the secret to curing?

Yep the slower the better @anewguy

Day 91 WW3 chopped whole

and hung