Let's grow a pound of ilgm white widow

Or at least try lol. This is the start of my ilgm ww auto grow. Got the buy 10 get 10 free deal with the ww autos and picked up 10 gold leaf photo also. First time growing ilgm btw. Anyhow I ordered seeds about 20 days ago and they arrived here 2 days ago. Ordered from growers choice right before I ordered ilgm and they barely sent me payment confirmation 2 days ago. Soaked 3 seeds immediately for 24 hours and planted into 5 gallon fabric pots with half happy frog and half ocean forest. After coming back from fishing today and still not hearing from growers choice I went ahead and soaked 2 more ww auto seeds. Going for an elbow with 4 or 5 plants. Growing in a 4×4 tent with AC infinity exhaust system and a spider farmer 2000 and a Enfun diy LED kit at 240w with samsung and meanwell. Enough talking here’s a few pics


I’ll be along for this ride! Love the start, getting me excited for my second round.


going to tag along as


Catch anything?
My first WWA drying. Most use my fishing poles have had in a while.

I have grown 10 WWA. Only one was over 4oz.
This is the last one I grew. Produced the densest bud of any of them. Grew it as a solo grow in FF OF under 300W +. covering 2x2’. Cut two weeks after this photo. Dried & cured 3oz

Good luck on the weight. The auto pheno angel be with you.


Didn’t catch crap. What’s the average yield per ww auto you grew? I’m sorta new to autos this will be my fourth go at em. I got 4.5 ounces from my first auto and 1oz from my second both cks mix autos. Currently at day 64 with my third, an auto cheese from growers choice. Looking like maybe 1.5 to 2oz for this one. Planted the other 2 seeds this morning so now I’m waiting for them to sprout.

Your experience is about the same as mine. They can be all over the place.
I started with WWA high 4.4 - low 1.2 (I had to grow some outside of the tent under very poor conditions)
Blueberry auto 3 plants 9.7 oz
Amnesia haze auto 3 plants 9.9 oz
1 jack herer auto 5.7 oz. Sometimes you get lucky.
I switched over to photos and only due an occasional single auto like this last JHA
This is the jack a week or so before harvest


We got some action with another one a few hours behind it just under the surface


To be on point for your desired pounds you gonna need another sf2000 they are ideal for a 2x4 I actually just went though this with someone

that’s for 12 16 and 18 inches above canopy
They seem like very good lights and kicking butt at 18 inches I would go with in flower … go to 24 inches and dim for now if that’s your only fixture… dont blast them with light till they can handle it that’s a intense light for seedlings you’d probably be good at 30 inches at reduced power if they start stretching lower the fixture but stay at 50% power


Their under the Enfun for a few weeks high above and dimmed. The spider farmer is on duty in another tent right now on a auto at 65 days. Should be available in about 20 days or so. Not really worried about growing a pound that’s just to hook you into the grow. Thanks

It’s not to much to ask for with good light and good food :wink:


Number 2

Number 3 should be out by no later than tomorrow I peeked a little. Forgot to mention that I planted the 2 other seeds in 3 gallon pots instead of 5s. Want to see if I like 3s

Unless you plan on vegging for a longer then usual time …( you can veg for 2 months easy in a 3 gal ) most dont veg much longer then that… and will be plenty to finish flower


Today is officially day 1 for the first 2 sprouts. I naming each one in numerical order as they sprout. WW1 and WW2

I’m using glass cups as humidity domes and the trough the cups make is where I watered them very lightly with a syringe. Soil looks moist because of the dome not because of my watering lol.
Light is approximately 42" above seedlings at about 70% and I will adjust accordingly. Still waiting on WW3.


Speaking on good food. I recently started using ffof and ffhf soil. Just flipped some photos after a 5 week veg and didn’t need any nutes. Now that I flipped I needed to add cal mag that’s it. How long will the ffhf and ffof take an auto? I was hoping all the way? If not what week should I expect to start? Thanks

Adding nutes.

Not much longer then that …ecspecially going into flower they demand alot more … autos require same stuff but only issue autos dont tell you ok in starting to flower you just gotta see what they do and feed accordingly… high nitrogen for veg higher p k for flower as a general rule …
N shoots
P root ( and alot of other things)
K fruits


WW autos 1-5 in order

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Their not in order apparently. In order of pics above it goes 2,3,4,5 and 1

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Next time you water I would water around the plant outer edges of leaves in circular motion. Exactly as you show you did but keep the area right next to the stalk dry and water around her so the roots go searching!


I water on the outer perimeter of wet mark. That’s still moist from germination and the humidity dome