Let's go fishing!


Don’t know if anyone could or will be able to answer this but here goes. I have had these Hemp seeds that were given to me a few years back that are from England. Over there they use Hemp seeds for their Coarse Fishing. They boil them and put them on a hook. Evidently the fish like them. I am going to try and germinate a few to see if anything will happen. The ones I would be using are unboiled of course. Not sure what the quality would be either. Any thoughts?


It all depends…Industrial Hemp, very much like wild growing ruderalis has practically no THC. However you never know who might have been breeding some stronger stuff in England and maybe some of those genetics got mixed/bred in with your hemp seeds from England. Only way to find out is to grow them out and find out. Have fun! And let us know how they turned out.


It is indeed is a gamble. But what the heck? It could be interesting!


Hey, the journey is half the fun. Good luck!


Will keep you posted on results!


Meanwhile; I am going fishing…:smiley: Not really, but I am going to the beach with the band tonight; So see you guys manana. Peace.lw

p.s. I think you are going to find out that you have hemp; UK growers I know are really intelligent, when it comes to genetics; So, I would not expect any high; Or, thc in those plants. good luck. Can’t wait to see what happens.


Yeah, don’t get your hopes too high.


Yeah, I agree that it is a shot in the dark. Why would they be available as fishing bait if they were primo seeds? Every angler out there would be a stoned angler! I did notice today that they are showing signs of germinating. Not sure how far I will carry on.