Let's get prepared to flip

So it’s that time again my fiends, flower cycle. Anyone getting ready to flip?

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I flipped 15 days ago :metal:

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Flipped one plant 2 days ago.

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I flipped three days ago…six plants, four clones and two from seed.


Excellent news I’m planning to flip within a,week or so


More training needed

The dome wire structure is called “THE HEDGE OF RICHES”


Flipped them now lets see them stretch

T.H.O.R technique

The dome wire cylinder known as 'the hedge of riches" or THOR acronym is by far the better technique in terms of yield per square inch (psi).
The plants are placed under the dome in an almost zig zag pattern in order to fill the canopy at the top, once satisfied with canopy you are able to flip them into flower and allowing them to laterally expand and vertically stretch resulting in an almost jam packed hedge of colas forming the techniques name. Thanks

Day 9

Stretch is over