Let's get it on

Ok. Going to try my first upload…

Berry White. Outdoors. Seed put in soil 2-28.

Cut the lower 4 branches to clone.

She’s leaning like that because I didn’t level the damned ground. Note to self…stop being lazy. Lol

Her cuttings, 2 days after cut.
I know y’all can’t enjoy these the way I wish you could, but I think my little girl is pretty. :wink:


Nice. I might have waited a bit longer before cutting branches for clones to help the mother plant mature naturally. My rule is to cut shortly before flowering begins.
Also, if you take too many branches off the same stem at about the same level, you impede the flow of nutes and carbs in the plant’s internal plumbing.
So let her get bigger and then vary where you trim her for clones. Both mother plant and the clones will thrive better then.


Beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder. The look real good.
And. sir_Charles_Kane. Has a good point.

B Safe

Thank you both. I saw all the pre-flowers and wanted to…you know, understanding what you’re saying, my reasoning doesn’t really matter now.

It’s why I decided to stay around here. I knew I had very much to learn, just didn’t realize all the simple little mistakes I was making that adversely affected my end result.

Again, thanks.

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