Lets do this my 1st time @ doing clones


Just keep them moist and happy. All you can do is wait. If they haven’t died yet, you haven’t failed yet. @Shuggz


blessfam thanks


so fam how we doing i hope all is good

so my baby clones are doin well the ones that had root the other still have not but still not dead i think they are growing but its takin lng time the x3 seed i did x2 are well on the way but x1 is really takin its time well i put in the mid and it poped frm some were wlse strange o well it been 3weeks now and it still not poped out the two fan leafs yet but is comin it look like the 1st set got burn out but i think it will be ok

#also will be good to knw tghat i have started to gem up the one frm were it all starts frm the kanna-boss all the way frm bak yard in the mountains so lets see how it going to be help wid the title for this one the orginal one i think its frm the kush mountains need to check anyway i will do a dif journal for this one @Screwauger @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Growit @Mikos if i left peps out sorri


Cool lookin good bruv hope all is well. Cant wait to see the new journal on the ones you got from kush mountains.


Sounds goid bro
If tbe clones aren’t diying just let them go
A light foliar spray will feed them in the mean time untill they root


hey familyb how we doin jst a update teh baby are doing good jst that one seedlin wat is takin its timer i will trake a foto to show it bee 4weeks also the clone still hav not got roots that i can see but is growin i will bee makin that title for that kush mountain kanna-bos so look out i put in pot the other day about a week to pop out anyway i will tag u guy in it


hey family how we doin a update on the clones is they are comin on fine the other still no roots and still alive wat is good and seeds doing good to apart frm one still waitin for it to form fully ere are fotos

i fink its dyin o no as u can see clones doin good @WillyJ @Screwauger @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @skgrower @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971


They look good @Shuggz nice growing.


Clones are looking great!


blessd fam


hey peps jst a update im happy one mlore of the clone showed its root to day so i potted it up nice jst wait for the other to show also one of the seeds ones is not going to make it it been 4weeks and no change i will give more time to see if some change happens bless and the rest are doin good as well bless @WillyJ @Screwauger @Myfriendis410 @Donaldj @Mikos


Thanks for the update @Shuggz

Your clones look very nice!!


bless fam and thanks must of been a farmer in my past life or something bless fam @Screwauger


hey family i hope all had a good xmas and will have a good new year
jst a update the seeds and clones doin good the ones that have got roots and waitin for the others to get roots bless family talk soon will put some foto in abit bless


hey family how we doing sorry been having problems wid net real shit weather here in uk any way my babys are doing good got one more that got roots still waitin for thye other to come bless


Weather happens @Shuggz hope the clones are doing good.


hey peps so a update the clones and seeds are doing good i am going to repot 5 of them but runing out of tent space wat to do think get one more tent or jst hang a nxt light in same room by the clone tent cause i jst wanna change pot ones for 5 of them


hey fam how we doing i hope all is good jst a update so i changed pots small tent was small so i had to do this i jst hope they will veg out nice so i have in there x3clones and x2seed ones

@Screwauger @Mikos @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 bless


They look very happy to be there @Shuggz


hey family how we doing i hope all is good jst a update so 2 more got roots and the others 5 i potted up are doing good to