Lets do this my 1st time @ doing clones


I use the peat plugs for my clones. I currently am on the fourth harvest from two strains that I started in 2016. I have clones already for the next round. I lift the plugs up to see if they have roots. Usually takes about a week for me. So far I have harvested about 40 oz from two seed and my plants are a year and a half old.


thanks fam i have got them in something like that but i thinnk my ones are wid coco they are growing i was thinkin of put the one that are growin in new pots jst in case tye roots are comin again thanks @Stomper


Don’t know if it’s good or not. If it’s no more than 3%, it should be ok. I use Walmart brand

the main thing is not to use too much. I’m sure if you use just a drop or 2 in a small cup, you’ll be ok.


thanks fam i will check asda its part of walmart but the one i got frm hair lighter i think that is about 40% is that to strong and can i use that one in my foto bless


Hey @Shuggz my friend how are ur girls doing now. All well i hope let me know when your on next and wr can have a chat about the bio bizz.


yes matey i got it

@skgrower was thinkin were not be able to get in the uk like that so i was so wrong i got it i got it hahaha o its the 6% one aswell

@Mikos hey fam how you i hope al is good anf dont worry u will get there bruv


That 6% solution should be ok. You’re only using a small amount. I know some people here in the US use 50/50 water to hydrogen peroxide. I just use one drop myself.


What is it used for? :thinking:


Hydrogen peroxide helps to get oxygen into the seed. Some people use it to speed up the germination of the seed when it’s in the water. I do myself because for me, it works good.


yes thanks fam the only thing is the ones that i have been tryin to do is not happen i did wat u said and its been over 24hr i think them seed are no good but on a good note the 3 seed that have poped one has showed it 2leafs great jst waitin on the other 2
also i am still wait for roots on the clones so i stop water for now so i can get roots xfingers really but they are still alive yet bless fam @skgrower


hey peps how we doing so jst a up date im not sure it the clones have got roots but one has so i potted that one up today but i will say that wen i try to pull out of the medi its hard in will that mean that its getting roots well i hope so
also the seed i germi da other day one more has poped out jst waiting for one more so thats 1 clone and 2 seeds on the way yea

guys cause the clones have not died on me yet will they gets roots soon i hope so its been a long time nw too @Covertgrower @Mikos @skgrower @WillyJ @Growit @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971


Be patient sometimes they take longer than others if they’re not dying thats a good thing


hey peps how we doing thanks fam
yeah i seen tody that they have 3 of them got roots so i potted them the heat pads helps a lot too and the seed put plant have all poped the 3 off them getting there bless @Covertgrower @Screwauger @Myfriendis410 @WillyJ @Mikos @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 thanks


Nice going @Shuggz they’ll look better from here out.


sounds good @Shuggz looking forward to updates in the future


thanks peps i will try to get some foft up soon bless @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971


heres a foto peps the ones in pots are the x3 seed ones and x3 the ones that got roots

@Covertgrower @Screwauger @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ sorri if left vsome one out


Looking great @Shuggz :+1::+1:


Clones are
Coming along @Shuggz I think they’ll survive.


hey peps hoe we doin i hope is well
ok my little babys are doing good 3 of the clones are comin along and the 3 seeds one too but the rst im not sure wat is happened well they are still alive but no roots as of yet i dont knw leave them or jst let them ones go and jst do the ones i have got going any one wat to do @Myfriendis410 @Growit @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Mikos bless