Lets do this my 1st time @ doing clones


hey family how we doing so i think im gettin this clone thing wat u think peps let know @Screwauger @WillyJ @Covertgrower @Growit @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 ere a foto bless


I just mix 2 tablespoons epsom salts with 1 gallon of water and use as a foliar spray and drench em they relly seem to like it then what I have left I just put in the dirt but I am in soil so different plus three out of my five girls are in flower now. Hope this helps and lookin good bruv!:ok_hand:t3:


@Shuggz they’re looking good so far. Some of the leaves may die off, but look for new growth after they make roots.


Looking good mist them a couple times a day don’t keep the to wet you want roots searching for water keep the dome on to keep humidity up…do you have a heating pad/mat it really helps out…


thanks family no i dont have heat pad/mat will do that today thanks @WillyJ @Covertgrower


You’ll be ok. As long as they’re in a heated room. @Shuggz


yes they are in the same room i got the oyher 8 in so room is real warm thanks


hey they peps how we doing so a update time
so i think im doing ok i think they are growin not to sure my brother com by today and see them he said yes they look loke they are so if thats the case how long would it take for them to make roots here is a foto let me knw if i need to do any thing els to them thanks fam @Covertgrower @Screwauger @Growit @WillyJ @Mikos @bob31 @Donaldj @Myfriendis410


I think you have this, just keep on keeping on. @Shuggz


check this out a clone my mother doine of a money plant and all the mess around we do she has not done that all she did was pik and pot and now look go on mummz


hey pdeps how we doing i hope all is well
so im not sure if they have got roots but i do thing they are growing frm the other day also cause they are in them coco grow for seeds and cutting also do i need to water every day or jst every other day cause i have been sort off been doing that and spray 2 times and @WillyJ idid go and get a heat mat but it the one u use for brewing but its the same thing and cheap wat u think its ok
guy frm my l;ast one had load of seed i have 6 going rite now but i was thinkin lets do some more so i did 4 b4 all dropped to the bottom then put in cotton wool thing but i still didnt get roots so waited a few days and no so now im doing again but will use heat mat but will there be some other reason why they would not pop out and thye seed look good and both mummy and daddy have good gens and had growin strong alos i have 6 on the go cant work out why these are givin me headxxxxx some one @Growit @WillyJ @Covertgrower @Screwauger @Myfriendis410 sorry if i left some one out also it only lets me do a few peps at a time well bless peps o here the foto of the mat


Try leaving them in water a little longer until they crack open and show a tap root


@WillyJ i did i left in water 48hrs then i put in cotton wool for 24 hrs so that x6 that have not poped o well
any way i did x6 more 24 hrs ago and i think they will pop 2 had root come out and the order 4 mite do aswell so that box no max im using as a seed box i put cotton wool in and wet it up so i will check 2moro going to leave in dark 24hrs then i will open bless fam


I had some seeds that took 4 days to pop and sprout a tail @Shuggz some just take longer. Warm and moist, don’t give up yet.


Try putting them in a small cup of water with 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide from the drug store. I think @HighDesertFarmer showed me this method. It works 100% of the time for me. No paper towel needed. The tail should be out in 24 hours or the seed is not going to germinate.


thanks @skgrower i will check but i dont think are uk drug store will jst sell like that need to find out

@Covertgrower thanks i have put them 2 bak in water again and the 6 jst put in cooton wool and on the heat mat but need to keep eye on it cause heat kills the water out of it but them one will pop well 2 will i will check 2morow now i dont wanna give light yet bless


hey family how we doing i hope all is well so my clones are doing ok 2 have not made it so upsettin well must hav not done them rite but the others are doing fine

so i was try to get some of my seeds to pop and i have got there out of 10 only x3 have pulled thru strong gens on them ones then i take it thats good
so i hink the clones are growing guy wat else can i be doing for the clones to help them along i was thinkin of puttin the heat pad for them aswel as the seed i pottd today is that a good thing to do the only thing is it will dry thing out fast i think i must get a timer for it or it will jst stay on and if i do use it how long shud i keep on at a time or jst leave on thanks and blessd heres a foto too

@Growit @skgrower @Screwauger @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971 bless o the temp all the time stays at 25c and humi is all way round 35%/45% is that ok


Only thing I see is most of the indoor growers here suggest a dome over the clones
Seen quite a few clone set ups here and seems to help alot.
And you only lost two so far on your first cloning attempt…Bruv we call that success man well done!!


thanks fam i have got the dome for foto took off and bless

it time for a phatt zoot


hey there how we doing today family i hope is well

so i think my clones are doing ok so peps how would i know that my clones have got roots they are growing well they have not died on me yet
also @skgrower i got hold of that wat u said about the hydrogen peroxide but it is the one you get frm hair lighter is that ok or is that no good