Lets do this my 1st time @ doing clones

Hey my growers family how we doin so peps this is my 1st time that i am going to do clones so guy as much help plse i will try to put up foto of the clones thanks

and im using this blessd @AmnesiaHaze @bob31 @Growit @Mikos @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 and every one else this is my 1st time go easy yeah on clones blessd


Hell yeah dude your a machine!! :+1:t3::+1:t3:


Not sure but I think you need to clip all the tips of your fan leaves to prevent curling up.
Hey @garrigan62 you seem to have a great handle on the clone deal. What do ya think?


When I grew years ago I started with a couple bag seeds. When I found a good “strain” I grew a mother and only grew from clones and really had no idea what I was doing! Perlite, vermiculite, sterile water rooting compound, humidity dome and mister, you’re there. You got this. @Growit @Shuggz


u tell me all i knw is i cum frm a long line of punjabi farmers its in the blood i hope and i think u mite be rite i jst go do that do u knw how much lite is it still 18/6 or less and nxt time i am goin to do 16.5/17 hr on for all my veg-ing aswell cause in nature u dont real get 18hr do u well not in warm place wer the herb grows dont it wat u think @Growit


Not sure on the light bruv

Here is an example of the clones from @WillyJ grow check out some of his stuff very cool!


@Shuggz Many people, myself included, would generally trim the larger leaves (the tips to maybe a third of the leaf). For clones I think I went with 24/0 and I used good old fashioned 4’ florescent shop lights loaded with warm and cool tubes. I had pretty high success rate which would have been better with a warming mat. Good luck!!


Heck yeah, doing awesome! @Shuggz seed warmer mat is where it’s at, like @Screwauger said. It really encourages the growth.


You might dome them, is the only suggestion. Once you get the feel for it, it’s pretty straightforward.


There is a 2 ft 2 bulb T5 over them with a heating mat under them and I have a dome with 2 adjustable vents that go over them…works great I have a 100% success rate so far…here is a pic with the dome


yo fam @Screwauger i got wats in foto using that for mist and in water at the mo i put in one of them grow thing it got coco coir in it then i will put in all that cause soul has in it bless

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thanks family i have got dome its there u see in foto but i had to drill loads of lit holes for vent the lights is x2 florescent but no warm bulb yet also i got no heat mat yet it is 25c in the clone tent or that dont matter much atm but i will get it blessd @Covertgrower @Growit @WillyJ @Screwauger if i left some one sorri and make ur self knw thanks bless


family Q why do or have people put salt in wen water and why do that
i ask cause i got salts wen i bath cause it cleans u good any way i have see this on the pack of one that thre it rich in cal -mag and potassium did u knw

Not sure about salting the water @Shuggz but I know the plants do benefit from a cal mag foliar spay I just did my first foliar spray today and they loved it. I know that it is more for treating deficiencies but my understanding is they like wether or not they are lacking it if that makes sense and I read that it makes for healthier foliage and stronger growth.

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wat salt yeah dats mad but thinking about it salt are good if we get rite one here a foto of the one i have a shower wid i use like soap it better and u will feel better try

if u cant make out its dis
1,himalayan salt its pink over 80 minerals
2,epsom salt magnesium sulfate
3,dead sea salts magnesium,calium and potassium
but the only thing is its mixed wid sodium chloride and if that is salt then why not jst call it salts
wat u lot think any one @Screwauger @Covertgrower @Growit @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Myfriendis410

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My first grow I had some early nute burn and I blamed the cal mag brand I bought. I stopped it and used epsom salts in every gallon of water for the entire grow until flush/harvest. I used a scale to determine what 1teaspoon weighed and from there just weighed it out per gallon, pre-dissolved it in warn water and started my nute mixes with this. Typically epsom salt to 200-250ppms then add your normal nute regime minus cal mag. There are others who know way more about this. Your results may vary as this is just an explanation of what I did.


so if i needed too i could add half a tea spoon to 25L that should be ok yeah i am not going to because i have got volocano minerals in my soil mix so that so be ok and waat else i will add in

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@Screwauger ‘s recipe was 1 teaspoon per 3.78L
@Shuggz you could add the 1/2 teaspoon per 25L it’s on the safe side, but I’m not sure how much you should add to be beneficial. I would add kelp, and fulvic acid.

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@Covertgrower @Shuggz

When I used the Epsom in my recipe, I was following an reputable and noteworthy recipe of a coco grower using RO. My tap water is only 45ppm so I added as I noted but more/less could be added if needed. I suggest testing ppm of your water source before adding cal/mag or epsom etc as it may not be required.


yeah fam im going to leave all that i jst put all that wat the plants need and that it

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