Lets build a DIY dry box?

Ok guys, I’ve been thinking about good ways to hang and dry the bud.

Let me know if this would work.

A Sterilite or similar brand storage tub.

Not sure of the size, maybe a 32QT or 41ISH QT tub.

Cut a hole in 1 side of the tub, to hook up a 4 inch fan and carbon filter set up…
(Going to need help with this).

On the opisit side from the carbon filter, put air holes to draw in fresh air…

Then, drill some screws in the floor of the tub to hang brantches from using string.

So, when finished, the tub would be sitting on it’s lid…

Does this make sense?

If so, would it work?

I’d probably need a fan controller too.
Wouldn’t need much air flow, otherwise it might dry too quickly.

You want to make sure you do not have direct fan on buds. Sounds like you have a good concept in regards to not wanting to dry too fast. I prefer an open air with an indirect fan providing light air movement.

The only way to find out if your concept works; Is to try it. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good plan to me, but like Latewood said, the air movement can’t be direct or too strong, it will cause the bud to dry too quickly.

Hope nobody minds me resurrecting this old thread but would like some input for a DYI drying box. I’m thinking of using a cardboard box to hang fresh cut buds with a 4" dryer duct hose connected to one of the ports on my grow tent allowing the tent exhaust fan to exchange air in dry box while also controlling odor. Has anyone tried something like this and if so how did you set it up and how well did it work?