Let's brew beer this fall!

I haven’t brewed beer in 20 years but I still have all/most of my equipment

… does anyone else Brew and do you think a beer brewing thread would work ?

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My girl bought me a brew kit 2 years ago. We messed around with it, but the beer came out HORRIBLY!

I always said I wish I had a mentor that could help me out. I’m not good at reading from an instruction manual and putting it into action, unless it’s a construction set lol. I need someone there so I can ask a thousand questions!

Beer brewing is very precisely but almost the same concept …patience .

I used to brew award winning mead… never done beer, since I don’t care for it much. Brewing, much like growing, is both an art and a science. The science will get you flawlessly from start to finish but only the artistry will make your finished product great.

before I ever started brewing I spent several weeks reading the archives on a site called mead lovers digest,…I am sure there is something out there similar for beer. Sites much like this one that contain brew journals from hundreds of brewers all over the world brewing various types of beers. Before you ever put water in a carboy I would suggest reading up extensively on the subject. It is always better to know what enemies to expect and how to defeat them before you begin your journey.