Let's beat thus Ph horse one more time!

Is this chart what you guys are using for a ph range?

Secondly, how do y’all determine how much up/down to use to get to 6.5 per gallon? Are any of you ACTUALLY adjusting to 6.5 +/- .02 on the money? How long is that taking you? Every ph adjustment takes 15 - 30 minutes to stabilize.

I have found that for a 5 gallon carboy of RO water 100 micro-liters of up/down will change the ph by .15 +/- in its respective direction.
I use this for my measurements.

Am I being to anal? I’m sorry.


Different mediums require different ph. I do not attempt to be that accurate. I accept a range of PH, in soil, because soil will buffer the ph. Example I would accept 6.0-6.5 in soil.


When using RO, this makes the water have very little PPM/TDS. You do not have to PH RO, it will take on the ph in the medium.
Hope this makes things easier.


I use a five gallon bucket to mix my nutrients. The bucket is white and on the outside I marked 2 through 20 liters in 2L increments. I throw in 10L of water usually tap (180ppm) and some from the dehumidifier I have running. First think I do is put a wavemaker in the bucket. https://www.amazon.com/JVP-101A-Submersible-Circulation-Powerhead-Pump/dp/B00OS6C23K/ref=asc_df_B00OS6C23K/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198072615033&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1874078785034862628&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9018934&hvtargid=pla-349201326150&psc=1
I use jacks and it does not take long to dissolve. I am using coco so I want my nutrient mix to be 5.8 - 6.0.
The initial pH of the mix is 6.8 - 7.1 depending on the water ratios. It will take 2 - 2.5ml to adjust down the 10 liter mix to the desired pH.


I use dechlorinated tap water and pH with phosphoric acid. It take 2 days to dechlorinate and 2 min to pH. It takes me between 1-2 ml phosphoric to reach 6.3. My tap has ~140 ppm TDS so it buffers the acid for a stable change.

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For soil yes I get it right at 6.5 every time (I’m pretty anal about ph). Takes me less than a minute really, but I already know it’s gonna take so many drops of ph up to get it where I want. I also have a wave maker in the bucket so it’s constantly stirring it while I put in the drops so it stabilizes pretty quick without me having to stir it.

But as @Covertgrower said, no point in ph’ing RO water, not enough TDS/PPM to actually hold a ph anyway. If you really want to ph, then add enough tap water to bring the ppm over 100, then set it to the ph you want.


Same as said above.

I have my girl trained to be anal about PH, I’m anal about ph and I’ve never had a problem with ph thanks to that. Be in my soil grows in the past or coco grows now.

There is lots of room for error, something as simple as PH why not nail. It on the head.
I. Use a 10ml syring but I’m PH’ing 5 gallon buckets or 25 gallon reservoirs at a time.


I gotta buy a wave maker.

I pH with lemon juice. My tap is 7.7-.8 and just under a tablespoon gets me to 6.4.

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I used to use RO water and it was a constant battle every damn grow. Now I just use city water with a whole house carbon filter to remove chlorine.


I wouldn’t want to compromise my grow, and RO water is only 3.90 for 10 gallons, but I would love to use my well water. I am thinking of spending the $55 to get it analyzed and see what is actually in it.

What would I have to be concerned about in my well water? I can measure the ppm again, but it doesn’t say what is in the water. We drink it with no issues, dogs drink it. We do get some rust build up on porcelain so I know there is iron, and we run a whole house cartridge filter for silt/sand.

Idk, any opinions?

I use tap water. Let it sit 24 hours and add a pinch of citric acid. After a year and easily 100 gallons I trust my “calibrated”fingertips. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I couldn’t do citric acid, somehow I WAY overdo it every single time. That’s fine though, more bath bombs for me.

Honestly if you’re drinking it I doubt there’s anything in it that would kill a plant. It would save you in the long run to be certain - whether money in RO water or money in accidentally killing plants.

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oh my goodness. You guys just made this all clear for me. no wonder I couldn’t figure out the ph .
I am just pouring the up or down right from bottle in my water . no wonder it is half gone. Thank u so much everyone. maybe I will have better luck next time. Happy daze

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For those that don’t have access to syringes or graduated pipettes…

Chemistry rule of thumb for water-thin liquids:
1ml = 20 drops - more or less

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