Let them stretch more or?

A question from a fellow grower:

Day 24 and there only 6in tall . I know it’s good to be short and bushy but they just keep growing into them selves. Should I just stop worrying or should I try to let them stretch some ? Thank you for any input

What stretch? Be patient. Those are just babies. :slightly_smiling:

Compact is good…
No signs of death or decay?
any recent stresses to the plant like reporting?

The plants roots are probably filling out, a very good thing.

Repotting…not reporting.

seems to be lots of deformation on leaves when I blow up your pictures just out of curriousity
What’s your run off ph and the ph you are watering with and what do they look like with the led’s off?
Are you using nutrients and if so how often and what kinds?

I read you want them to reach for the sweet spot of your light. Maybe to close to light, and heat could cause curling of leaves. Mine just did that when my temp got above 80f but I’m a new grower. These guys on here are great. Good luck man

That could be one reason could also be he fimmed while topping FIM stands for F@#$ I missed lol but is a topping technique none the less I just want to rule out culprits and pictures under leds suck. Deformation and stunting can be a ph or feeding issue they are quite young and not even knowing strain hard to make an assessment I prefer to error on side of caution and ask the questions. This is after all a doctors visit and a check up is in order :slight_smile:


You have at least another 4 -6 weeks in vegging , you doing good keep up the good work , and be patient . If you switched them now in flower you might get 14 grams maybe , but if you wait you will get at least 2 ounces , and keep your Led lights at about 12 -16 inches to help them build a strong stalk.