Let the grow Begin


well seeds have been planted, now the waiting game begins,I’ve put 3 og cush,3mixberrirs,3afgahns & 1unknown


Outta likes bro :+1:
Can’t wait to see all those beautiful ladies
Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face: :v::+1: CB


Looking good. I’m going to follow and learn :heart:


@SmoknGranny ,like you ,I’m an outdoor grower,

I’m still waiting for my strawberry kush to turn up,


Kinda runs in my family as Grandpa grew hemp for the war. And my Great Grandfather and my Dad ran shine :blush:


Coooool nice set up


Well not a happy person today as the wife thought she was helping, when she seen I didn’t have baby girls outside, she put them out in 85°heat ,yesterday and when I couldn’t find them last night ,she said no I put them out for you, needless to say she fried all bar one. And to make things worse , my order from ilgm has still not turned up almost 3 months since order went in, and yes I’ve been on to staff.


well that’s the garden for now , the forth pic while doing some tiring it down I heard a crack , split it down the middle, so quickly got the plumber’s tape ,and taped it up followed by a zip tie,should be fine , I hope ,out of honey


Aloe vera??


It will be ok just let it heal @SmoknGranny made a good suggestion if you have some
Looking good @Coltfire :+1:


Never thought about that @SmoknGranny , and the aloe vera is only ten feet away from them


Glad I could help you :hugs:


the over veiw shots from each end , we get some fertilizer today give all the goodies to help them grow


The latest pics of the gardenand the auto, which I now know is blueberry purple mix . @Countryboyjvd1971 @daz49


Preformatted text![IMG_20180214_104017|374x500](upload://u2JZbeDHaG0z5uL3U6nbvOzEp3r.jpg)ELatest pics of the garden , only about 8 ,more weeks and I should be harvesting . the rest look the same as these


its turned into a field of buds , they are coming along very nicely . @Countryboyjvd1971 @daz49


@Coltfire nice job Woohoo :raised_hands:
Youll be rewarded soon enough my friend


Nice job here @Coltfire
Nice lookin plants


Love that picture with all the sugar @Coltfire yummy


@Sasquatch ,I pulled that one up two days ago and it is so sticky,and the smell just knocks you off your feet when entering the drying room, and just leaving the door open for a few min , put the smell right through the house.