Let the games begin


Hello fellow growers. Happy to be here amongst some really awsome people. I have been trolling and learning. Seen quite a few impressive grows. Made a few comments, got some great advice and now I guess I need to make it official and start a grow journal of my own. So lets get started!
Dropped 2 ILGM White Widow Auto beans in General Hydroponics root starters dampened with distilled water and a tad bit of Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice. The soil I am using is MG’s Natures Care Organic Potting Mix. with added Perlite.
The nutrients for this grow will be Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect; Micro, Grow and Bloom. With the addition of AN’s Voodoo Juice, B52, Big Bud And Overdrive.
All of the water used will be RO. I’m not going to worry about PHing it unless something goes awry and I have to. I am going to put the PH Perfect nutes to the test. According to the product description you don’t need to worry about this line.
Thanx bunches for letting me be a part of this wonderful family! :hugs::star_struck:

Started Friday the 13th, April, 2018.


Awesome-sauce! Set to watching! Excited to watch this with no PHing! Lol considering we have the same nutes :joy:


This is my first time to here’s mine just potted up today



Here’s one of my I💚GM WW’s drying from last harvest. They get fat quick! Good luck buddy.


Good luck and happy growing!


Thanx. NICE! I will be cutting my last grow in a week or so.


Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


This grow is outside! :rofl: Just to quell any confusion. LOL…


LOL so it’s gonna be fully outside? Are you gonna plant in ground? Or just use the good ol sun?


I will re-pot in 5gal fabrics when they are ready. Easier to move that way so they get the sun and shade they need. Gunna start getting hot here real quick and don’t want them burning up in this Texas sun. I don’t plan on putting them inside for any reason unless it is totally necessary. I have cages ready to keep the critters out.


Is this what you are using? If so you might reconsider as it has added fertilizer. This is hard on the seedlings and can kill them.



Sounds good to me! Yes, Oklahoma has been so bipolar this the last 2 weeks. Lolol hot, cold, hot, cold. It’s like 80 now and it’s suppsed to be 20 tomorrow LOL damn windchills I guess. Just glad I’m indoors 24/7 HA


Yes that is what I am using and have for a while. Started my last grow with and haven’t had any issues yet.


But thanx for the heads up!


I hear ya there! Even here in southeast tx. The mornings are just starting to get above 40.


I am definitely keeping wary of it though. I have heard that more than once. Every bag is a gamble! LOL. :crossed_fingers:


Unless growing for edibles only and not smoking, the chemical fertilizers will impart a harsh note to your finished product. Most growers try to steer clear of any added chemicals as they are too harsh for what we’re doing. The fact that you didn’t have a problem is great but eventually you will.

My first grow was in MG potting soil. I grew some great weed but boy was it harsh. The neat thing though is you can do whatever you want because it’s YOUR plant!

That Gold Leaf was 4 1/2 months old at harvest. It’s as smooth as a Unicorn fart lol.


And a beauty it was! @Myfriendis410 I wasn’t trying to be caddy with you. I have a very dry sense of humor. Every piece of wisdom imparted on me is taken very seriously.


You can always flush the mg soil very well.


Flushing my other girls now for next weeks harvest.