Let the 2019-2020 grow season begin

In your growing journal you mention a trimming technique that you learned. Could you share that with me? I have some trimming to do and I’m looking for some guidance.

The ladies are looking really good right now and growing a couple inches a day. They are starting to show their legs, which I am partial too.:smile: After some reading and consulting a friend of mine I trimmed them up a bit tonight also. The GL was famous for collecting water between her leaves even with 3 fans in their house, she will have a tough time doing that for a few days. I bumped the watts up again on my light and reset at 26”. They should get plenty of light to the bud sites now. I either killed them or helped them. I worked with a grower for a week this summer so I’m not too stressed. I think they look better than they did. This will be their last big trim, going forward there will be selective trimming to get light to shaded areas. Have a great night and a good week!