Let the 2019-2020 grow season begin

You could probably bump up the TDS across the board a bit. I don’t believe it will hurt the darker ones.


Well they surprised me tonight. TW (Train Wreck) and GG (Gorilla Glue) soil will be ready for moisture tomorrow. It will be another day or so for GL (Gold Leaf). I was planning on flipping Sunday I may go tomorrow since I’m planning on giving them their first go with the bloom recipe. I need to get some food to them they are looking really hungry. I’ll catch up with GL when she is ready for some liquid later this week.


Girls got a big feed yesterday and they are still showing signs of low nitrogen. I am going to pull a slurry tomorrow to check the pH of the root zone. They are still growing like weeds. I just need to figure out how to get them more nitrogen.

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Remember, with organics you typically won’t see an immediate improvement. It’ll take your microbes a bit to get the elements ready for your plant.

You can always foliar feed as an er measure.


I’ll give that a shot. I’ll do some research today and figure out what product I have will work best.

Aside from the discoloration on some of the lower leaves they look healthy as heck to me.
Good luck w the flip :wink:

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Thanks @mote It may be me being paranoid. Sometimes I’m a solution looking for a problem that is not really there. After 30-yrs of troubleshooting it comes naturally. I thought I was starting to see some discoloration between the vines on the leaves. I’ll check again tonight and get a picture of what I’m talking about.

Should I trim the discolored leaves on the bottom or wait till they drop off?

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@blackthumbbetty where were you last year when I was chasing my tail with my first grow. I flushed twice because my runoff was high and my slurry numbers were questionable.

Like I told @mote sometimes I’m a solution looking for a problem. I’m going to use the @Killadruid method and not worry too much or at least try not. Of course I will probably need your support also to keep me from the edge also. @raustin helped me a lot on my first grow. I often wonder what happen to her.

I see you use Demeter’s and Persephone’s what benefit have you seen from using these? I’m going to try NftG’s next grow. I really like the philosophy behind the products.


Last year, I was figuring this out, myself. :grinning:

I agree with mote: your plants look good.

I bet if you gently pull on them, those bottom leaves will probably fall right off. If so, toss em out. If not, your plant might still be using it. Eventually, you’ll probably trim their undercarriage a bit, anyway.


VPD question? I hit try VPD numbers the best I can for the age of my plant. Should I try to maintain these numbers with lights off?

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Yes. That is one of the hardest parts of getting VPD right: getting it right 24 hours a day.

I now run a space heater during lights off. Keeps everything balanced. I change the temp, if needed, to keep everything in range. Overnight, my temps/rh are 75F/65%. Now, if the heater thermostat lags, sometimes it can go 73F/70%, which isn’t great, but it could be worse. One night, I forgot the heater, and my tents were 68F/82%.

So, yes, that space heater is a wonderful addition to growing, just to keep the VPD in range.


Thanks! I have a space heater and a dehumidifier in my tent room, which is a small room in the basement. I can play with the climate in there all I want. I will have to figure out what the temps need to be with lights on and lights out to keep the temp in the correct range. Right now I have been running 77-78 F with the rh 60-65.

New seeds today for the spring grow. Plus a couple freebies


Lemon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: anything…

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I have some strawberry lemonade to grow along side it also. Right now I’m planning cherries jubilee for the third.

Water night tonight. The girls al got a gallon in their 5-gallon pots. Mammoth, recharge, photosynthesis plus and a little instant bloom tea. I love the earthy smell of the recharge in water.


That Early Lemon Berry sounds really nice, I’m sure Purp will probably like it too :smile: he seems to like them Berry & or Lemon strains, plus all the other strains lol.

That Bubba’s Gift, well, I’m going to be curious to see what you think of it when you grow it.
Grew it last grow, very impressed w it, lovely plant, smells & tastes great plus it kicked ass :+1:
Excellent hybrid strain, its got me curious about trying God’s Gift & Bubba Kush, separately :grin:


@Mote That is great to hear about Bubba’s Gift! I read some mixed reviews on it yesterday, I trust this forum a lot more than the one I got the information from. Did you do a grow journal on your BG? What can you tell me about it’s diet?

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I did have a journal for it, link below. I did not notice any particular demand/requirements from the plant, other that she was easy to grow (effortless just about), got frost on her wayyy before the others and yielded a lot of pot.
There are some plants/strains I would like to grow a second time and God’s Gift is on that very short list, that’s how much I like her. I think if you do what you do you’ll be fine, you seem very attentive to your plants and she’s an easy going gal, your time will be well rewarded.
I also trust the reviews from forum members much more than anything I might come across somewhere else.
Hope this helps and be sure to tag me in when you start her, you should be very excited :+1::v:

Round 2 (the Ganja Round) Already in Progress

Thank you. I’ll let you know when I get ready to germinate her. I am excited now. Looking at making some upgrades to the plants world. If it happens I will feel more comfortable growing 4 than 3. If that happens she will make it to the line up soon.:sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds good Dude, yup, you got your hands full for now but its something to definitely look forward to :smiley: